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Paying student-athletes

Published December 6, 2012

The Big Ten recently announced the addition of the University of Maryland and Rutgers University, bringing the conference to 14 members. In addition to bringing inroads into the East Coast TV markets and...

Graduate school: worth it?

Published November 29, 2012

College is expensive. We all know it. Jobs in this economy are hard to come by and aren’t paying what they used to. After four — or maybe seven for the Blutos out there — years of studying,...

Transparency in Gophers athletics

Published November 21, 2012

A.J. Barker’s abrupt departure from the Gophers football team has drawn national media attention in the past few days. In his public letter, Barker accuses head coach Jerry Kill and the training...

Supreme Court to review Voting Rights Act

Published November 15, 2012

As the election drama recedes, state and federal governments have returned to the process of actually doing what they are elected for: governing. Last Friday, just days after voters across the nation cast...

Passing marijuana legislation

Published November 8, 2012

The election is over. The advertisements, the phone calls, the canvassers, the pundits, the mailers and the social media posts have stopped. For all the efforts nationally, it appears that the status quo...

Virginia voter fraud?

Published November 1, 2012

Patrick Moran, the son of Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA), recently resigned from his position as field director for his father’s campaign. This came after an organization called Project Veritas posted hidden...

Examining ‘trickle down’ economics

Published October 25, 2012

Much of the presidential campaign has focused on the economy. In part, this discussion has focused on how to grow the economy and create jobs. Conservative economic policy advocates for reducing taxes...

Fisher v. University of Texas

Published October 15, 2012

The Supreme Court made headlines this past summer when it issued a ruling on the constitutionality of the individual mandate that is at the core of the Affordable Care Act. This session, the Supreme Court...

Referee lockout raises questions

Published October 11, 2012

After a blown call that contributed to the Green Bay Packers losing to the Seattle Seahawks two Sundays ago, the NFL’s decision to lockout their referees due to disagreements in negotiations over...

Cabinet appointments agenda

Published October 4, 2012

With the first presidential debate on record, voters have finally had a chance to see both major party candidates take on the issues and each other. However, in order to look through carefully crafted...

No students allowed

Published September 24, 2012

This summer, the St. Paul City Council implemented a new ordinance in order to limit the growth of off-campus student housing. The new measure requires that new student rentals be at least 150 feet from...

No service to Uptown?

Published September 17, 2012

Every member of the University of Minnesota community has seen the past year of construction for the Central Corridor light-rail line. Although businesses have seen hard times due to the closures, detours...

The unspoken issue: race

Published September 13, 2012

2008 marked a turning point in American history: Voters elected the first African-American president. There was hope this would bring about a post-racial society. As we stand four years later, has our...

GOP leaders try to centralize power at RNC

Published September 6, 2012

Last week, the Republican National Convention gave the GOP a chance to rally their base and define their message to the voters before ballots are cast Nov. 6. And while voters may have seen clips of the...