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The new face of rock ‘n’ roll

November 20, 2003

Every musical movement needs an icon, whether it's a pretty face, a pouty pair of lips or a Warhol portrait. Jagger sashayed his way to the forefront of the British invasion. Cash flipped his middle finger...

Sweet J.A.P.’s beautiful sonic mess

July 29, 2002

A penetrating scar marks the right arm of Sweet J.A.P. vocalist Sho Nikido. When asked about the gash, he jokes, "I saved Takashi's life," nudging his band mate. Takashi Obu reveals a welt of his own,...

Jeff TweedyChelsea Walls SoundtrackRykodisk

May 28, 2002

It's easy to tag Jeff Tweedy's scoring of the Ethan Hawke "verité" Chelsea Walls as post-Mancini. Though unlike, say, "Moon River", this Tweedy work holds little value outside the chassis of cinema;...

These guys are pretty cool

March 12, 2002

"His sister got us into [Chicago venue] The Empty Bottle when we were 15 because she knew the Grifters," recounts Malachi Constant vocalist Carl Wedoff of high school friend and bandmate Ben Hecker. His...

Nystrom and Gruening: Our kicking must improve

October 3, 2001

Not a great deal of prodding was necessary to get Minnesota football players Dan Nystrom and Preston Gruening to flat-out admit they're not playing up to their abilities this season. "I need to make some...