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Another one bites the stardust: UMN researchers find second distant star

Published May 6, 2019

After University of Minnesota researchers found the farthest star from Earth ever recorded last year, they recently found a second star to add to their "x-ray image" of distant galaxies.  The star...

The Smart Hugs project for wearable technology.

UMN researchers outline wearable tech for managing stress

Published April 29, 2019

A University of Minnesota project combines robotics, simulated hugs and AI conversations in hopes of an eventual day-to-day stress tracking technology.  In a paper to be submitted by May 3 for the...

Professor John Wright speaks on Wednesday, April 17 in Walter Library.

Founder of African American Studies department retires

Published April 25, 2019

“Savor these days, they won’t come again,” is the advice John Wright said he would have told his younger self — before overtaking Morrill Hall, before helping found an African studies department...

The bloom boom: increasing frequency of algal blooms may be due to climate change

Published April 23, 2019

With summer approaching, University of Minnesota researchers are seeking more accurate methods to predict algal blooms.  In a paper to be submitted by the University of Minnesota’s Department of...

Illustrated by Abby Adamski

UMN finds safety in an antibiotic

Published April 15, 2019

University of Minnesota researchers found promising discoveries for the future of antibiotics in the ethanol industry.  Research released April 2 by the University’s Department of Animal Science...

UMN researchers look for solutions to corn-based pollution

Published April 10, 2019

University of Minnesota researchers have found that corn production is causing air pollution and contributing to poor health — but they have solutions in mind. Research released by University of Minnesota’s...

Dr. Russell Carter holds the three components of a skull mount that is used on mice to study their brains at the Lion Research Building in Minneapolis on Thursday, April 4.

UMN researchers create window into a mouse’s brain

Published April 8, 2019

Long-term brain observations are now possible due to a new device created by University of Minnesota researchers. Research released on April 2 by the University’s mechanical engineering department introduced...

Courtesy of Metro Transit.

UMN researchers look to make Twin Cities transportation more cost effective

Published April 1, 2019

Improved shared transportation options and expanded transit systems are coming to the Twin Cities, according to University of Minnesota researchers.  While current legislative actions support the...

Photo Courtesy Joel Segal

Seminar promotes awareness of water security issues in Panama

Published March 28, 2019

A group of University of Minnesota students recently traveled to Panama to address the global issue of water security — by focusing on it at the local level. Members of the University global seminar,...

Lower drug doses may better treat sickle cell disease treatment, say UMN researchers

Published March 25, 2019

Recent findings about sickle cell disease show a lower concentration of drugs could be effective for treatment, according to University of Minnesota researchers. Research released by the University of...

Pamela Rueda Cediel and Lauren Holly edit Wikipedia profiles for females in science at Wilson Library on Thursday, March 7.

‘Wikithon’ highlights unsung UMN women scientists

Published March 11, 2019

Over 80 percent of Wikipedia biographies are about men, and some University of Minnesota colleges hope to change that. A multi-college "Wikithon" hopes to improve the visibility of women in STEM by updating...

Algae applications could lead to a greener future

Published March 8, 2019

Algae has the potential to become a sustainable raw material, but will be impractical until researchers can find a way to cut costs, according to a recent University of Minnesota analysis. Research submitted...

UMN researchers predict spread of invasive plant species into Minnesota

Published March 4, 2019

Palmer amaranth, an invasive plant species, was not in Minnesota when researchers began predicting its spread into the state. The plant is native to the southwest United States and Mexico, but has been...

Illustrated by Abby Adamski

Expanding job market spurs new environmental geosciences major

Published February 28, 2019

To meet a rising demand for geoscientists, the University of Minnesota announced a new environmental geosciences major for the fall.  Using existing courses, the University’s Department of Earth...

UMN researchers use stalagmites to gauge climate change

Published February 20, 2019

Studying cave stalagmites from past glacial periods can help gauge climate change, according to University of Minnesota research.  To record Earth’s climate history in previous glacial periods,...

UMN researchers find new way to fight tumors

Published February 18, 2019

Groundbreaking research at the University of Minnesota found a novel approach to tumor therapy that could be pivotal in future cancer treatments. The University’s Center for Immunology discovered that...

Ph.D candidate Joseph Um holds a magnet up to a vial of nano wires in a clear solution on Tuesday, Feb. 12 in Keller Hall on the East Bank campus.

UMN explores the future of nanotechnology in medicine

Published February 15, 2019

From identifying disease-ridden cells to destroying tumors, University of Minnesota researchers are working on developing nanotechnology to enhance medical procedures. Recent research from the University’s...

Research on aging is maturing at the U

Published February 14, 2019

A team of researchers is working to gain a foothold at the University of Minnesota by recruiting new faculty members to assist in their research on the biology of aging. Funded by a state initiative for...

UMN health survey examines loneliness in urban and rural elders

Published February 11, 2019

John Fredell, 72, said he hardly knows anyone on his street in South Minneapolis, but he remembers a time when he knew the entire population of his hometown of Center City, Minnesota. A retired physician...

A police officer bags up alcohol found in a vehicle during a traffic stop in Dinkytown.

Peak binge drinking age is rising, according UMN researchers

Published February 1, 2019

An ongoing analysis from the University of Minnesota found that people are binge drinking later into their 20s than past years, which subverts common conceptions of alcohol usage.  University researchers...

Hundreds of genetic variants found by UMN researchers affecting tobacco, alcohol use

Published January 25, 2019

Recent University of Minnesota research discovered 566 genetic variations that are linked to tobacco and alcohol addiction. Researchers on the study, including University researcher and faculty member...

Rajané Katurah Brown leads a protest on Monday, Jan. 21 at the Powderhorn Recreation Center in Minneapolis. The 21st annual celebration of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., held by the Seward Co-op, drew around 250 people.

UMN survey gauges sentiment on programs targeting confrontations between police and young black men

Published January 24, 2019

A recent study from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health aims to understand public sentiment and awareness about initiatives directed toward violent encounters between police and young black...

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