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The stigma of anti-depressants

Published December 10, 2012

It’s always a bit awkward for me when the topic of antidepressants comes up in conversation. It may sound like an odd subject for your average college student to discuss, but in reality, college...

Meeting Cris

Published November 26, 2012

The 14th International Transgender Day of Remembrance ended five days ago, but this holiday season in particular, it remains fresh in my mind. Over Thanksgiving break, I met up with my friend Cris for...

Bachmann stands up for bullies

Published November 19, 2012

Nov. 7 of this year is already being referred to as the dawning of a new liberal America. The same election that brought a re-elected President Barack Obama also brought with it the legalization of recreational...

Different meaning of “Brotherhood”

Published November 12, 2012

  When you are not part of greek life, it is all too easy to make generalizations about it. Classic American films like “Animal House,” “Revenge of the Nerds” and “Van...

A perfect storm of social media

Published November 5, 2012

The past 10 years have brought a multitude of natural disasters. Be it the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 or the Sichuan earthquake in 2008, news outlets have never failed to generate...

Culture as a costume

Published October 29, 2012

Halloween, to most college students, is a day of enclosed anarchy. Donned in various costumes ranging from sexy ninja turtles to human-sized Tetris pieces, hoards of us hit the streets every October with...

Behind the propaganda

Published October 22, 2012

Last Tuesday, I went to Coffman Union with the sole purpose of buying a sandwich. As I crossed the bridge, I noticed a fairly large group of people clustered in the lawn area. Failing to see the sign that...

No man’s land

Published October 15, 2012

The Korean adoptee experience is fairly easy to summarize. The patterns are there. The literature written about it always follows along the same trajectory. In this way, my story is not all that unique,...

The implications of Gangnam Style

Published October 8, 2012

On an otherwise ordinary day at the tail end of summer vacation, my friend dragged me over to her computer. “You have to see this,” she said. She pulled up the music video for a song called...

Wanted: more men in GWSS classes

Published October 1, 2012

When I tell people that I’m taking a Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies class, the response is almost always split down the middle. Women say something along the lines of “that’s interesting.”...

The importance of fall prevention months

Published September 24, 2012

September is coming to a close. This brings with it the end of Suicide Prevention month, a tribute to which most Minnesotans pay extra attention. Between 2009 and 2011, there were nine suicides in the...

A majority student union problem

Published September 17, 2012

Matthew Heimbach, a student at Towson University in Maryland, has recently made headlines for wanting to start a White Student Union on campus. According to an interview in the student newspaper, The Towerlight,...

A foreboding reminder

Published September 11, 2012

Before 9/11 I thought I was white. This might sound ridiculous to some — how could I, with my black hair and slanted eyes, possibly forget about these obvious physical differences? It was easy while...

Oh, the places you’ll go!

Published September 4, 2012

Studying abroad is ridiculously expensive. I’ve heard it all — there are scholarships; the cost is the same as tuition so you’re basically paying the same; it’s worth the money;...

An Ocean of doubt in hip-hop

Published August 1, 2012

At this point, more people are aware of Frank Ocean’s sexual preferences than the content of his first album, "Channel Orange." On July 4, when he posted his now famous Tumblr story describing the...

Why get married now?

Published July 3, 2012

Last month I went to a conference in Connecticut that was predominantly attended by 50- to 60-year-olds. On the last day I asked my new baby boomer friends how they were getting home. "Our husbands are...

“Girls” program is not the bad guy

Published June 20, 2012

In a time when the concepts of diversity and race are such hot-button topics, it’s easy to hate Lena Dunham and her new show on HBO, “Girls.” With its all-white cast of female characters...

Google+’s effects won’t be positive

Published August 3, 2011

I look back on my years of childhood fondly. Life was so simple then, when my thoughts consisted purely of friends and playtime. Upon entering college, life got much more complicated. I watched my social...

A very dirty river runs through it

Published July 20, 2011

I caught my first fish three days ago on the East River Flats under the I-94 Dartmouth Bridge. The air reeked of sewage; the water was filled with rotting fish, trash and questionable looking white puddles...

Should Kaler prioritize diversity?

Published July 6, 2011

The University of MinnesotaâÄôs new president, Eric Kaler, has promised to make diversity on campus one of his top priorities. In order to attain more minority students, he will implement the Educational...

Culture clubs as comfort zones

Published June 22, 2011

As a shy freshman girl who came to the University of Minnesota not knowing a soul, I breathed a sigh of relief when I discovered the Asian Student Union, one of the many culture clubs on the second floor...

Not so goo-goo for Gaga

Published June 8, 2011

In a whirl of platinum blonde hair, Alexander McQueen silk and Christian Louboutin stilettos, Lady Gaga strutted onto the scene in 2008 and became a full-blown phenomenon. She was a refreshing splash of...

A gigantic, greasy feast for the eyes

Published May 25, 2011

What could possibly encapsulate American culture better then a 50-pound, 138,226-calorie bacon cheeseburger pumped full of Jack DanielâÄôs BBQ sauce? Not much, but a 12-story grilled cheese tower...

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