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With school out, area businesses brace for a drop in customers

Published May 27, 2003

At the end of spring semester, the University community experiences an exodus of students, leaving many classrooms and apartments empty until fall. But the departure of students from campus also affects...

U survey finds private school faculty earn more

Published May 9, 2003

Despite average faculty salaries rising 3 percent nationwide during 2002-03, not all institutions are seeing the gains. Private schools are faring better than public universities. In an annual presentation...

Hallucinogenic plants might be treatment for alcoholism

Published May 8, 2003

During the 1950s and 1960s, university researchers around the country, including some at the University of Minnesota, performed experiments testing the effects of hallucinogenic drugs on humans. The University...

Faculty, students welcome new student publication

Published May 1, 2003

Opportunities at the University for student journalists are growing, thanks in part to the Student Services Fees Committee and School of Journalism and Mass Communication. After extensive debate, the fees...

Technologies of sound

Published April 24, 2003

For more than a decade, Autechre (pronounced 'aww-tek-er') has charted the frontiers of electronic music, traversing the bleeding edges of technology and art. The group is a collaboration between Britons...

U fund-raising initiative collects $62 million from faculty, staff

Published April 23, 2003

The University honored 11,000 faculty and staff members Tuesday with ceremonies on all four campuses celebrating the $62 million raised through employee contributions since 1996. The donations will be...

U students unclear about the origins of shoe tree

Published April 21, 2003

It only takes a quick stroll along the Washington Avenue Bridge to realize something odd is afoot on the West Bank. Outside Anderson Hall, nestled next to the bridge, a mysterious tree stands, branches...

Respected oncology researcher, U prof dies of cancer at 81

Published April 16, 2003

Dr. B.J. Kennedy, a distinguished cancer researcher, caregiver and retired University Regents' professor, died April 6 in his Minneapolis home from multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow. He was...

Sutton prepares to take a final curtain call as his prolific 36-year teaching career comes to a close

Published April 10, 2003

Vern Sutton, the celebrated singer, actor, director and teacher, is ending his lengthy career in the University's School of Music this May, but he is not dropping the curtain on his calling just yet. Sutton...

Proposal would up U employee health care payments

Published April 4, 2003

University faculty and staff said they are upset about a new administrative proposal to increase University employees' health care co-payments and premiums. Phyllis Walker, president of AFSCME Local 3800,...

World trade law expert, professor Robert Hudec dies at 68

Published March 26, 2003

Robert Hudec, a University professor emeritus of law, died in his sleep at his Florida vacation home on March 12. He was 68. Hudec's expertise in international trade law made him a leading authority on...

Disparity between males, females in physical, technical sciences remains

Published March 26, 2003

For years women were underrepresented in many scientific fields, a trend only recently reversing itself with rising numbers of women in medicine and the life sciences. But the inequity between women and...

U prof, 92, remembered for public broadcasting

Published March 14, 2003

Burton Paulu, a retired University media resources director and journalism professor, died Saturday of Parkinson's disease complications. He was 92. For 40 years under Paulu, the University's noncommercial...

Bruininks retains option of closing a U campus

Published March 6, 2003

Clarifying a statement he made about possible campus closures in a newspaper report last month, University President Robert Bruininks said Tuesday there are currently no plans to eliminate any campuses,...

Amid cuts, faculty and staff fret about jobs

Published March 4, 2003

Confronted with $25 million in departmental cuts for 2003 and another round of budget reductions expected for the 2004-05 biennium, University faculty and staff are finding ways to combat the financial...

University dean receives social justice award

Published February 24, 2003

David Taylor, dean of the University's General College, received Morehouse College's Gandhi, King, Ikeda Community Builders prize Saturday at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs' Cowles Auditorium. Taylor,...

U regents’ psychology proffessor beckoned bright minds

Published February 19, 2003

Paul Everett Meehl, a retired University regents' professor of psychology, died last Friday at his Minneapolis home after battling chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. He was 83. Meehl's colleagues said his...

Sleep deprivation a concern for students

Published February 17, 2003

Dr. Mark Mahowald, a University neurology professor, has an important message for students everywhere: Get more sleep! "The biggest sleep problem amongst college students is sleep deprivation," Mahowald...

Insurance changes give U employees extra aid while traveling

Published February 12, 2003

When most people travel, medical care is often low on their list of worries. But if a traveler suffers serious illness or injury far from home, the situation can quickly turn grim given possible language...

Looming war fuels campus debate

Published February 10, 2003

As the debate over a possible U.S.-led war against Iraq intensifies, University students and faculty are speaking out - some justifying war, others pleading for peace. University political science junior...

Gubernatorial candidate Penny returns to U

Published January 28, 2003

Almost five months after departing to focus on his unsuccessful 2002 gubernatorial bid, Tim Penny returned to a University classroom Monday to teach a public affairs course. Penny, who spent six terms...