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The ins and outs of Jackson and image

Published May 1, 2006

Every day of our lives images of beauty are thrown in our faces. Somehow these images have translated in our heads as the "right" way to be and look. For some reason, being content with yourself no longer...

Black, white, black white

Published April 17, 2006

It started in the early 1990s with MTV's "The Real World." Now, it's everything from traveling all over the world to being "made" into your true identity. Every few months a new idea for a reality TV show...

Misconceptions of Islam

Published April 3, 2006

I was thinking about the Muslim Student Association and Al-Madinah Cultural Center's Islamic Awareness Week that takes place on campus this week. You may have seen the clever black and white flier posted...

Arranged marriages and the mating game

Published March 6, 2006

Every day hundreds of people around the world go on blind dates, try online dating or pay to find their perfect mate. Methods for seeking a soul mate have increased greatly. There is speed dating, singles...

Self-segregation at Coffman Union

Published February 13, 2006

Coffman Union is a centralized place on campus where students go to meet with their friends and study groups, get some coffee, sleep, finish their papers, etc. In theory, Coffman is unifying. I know I...

A talk with local personality Mike Gould

Published December 1, 2005

Musician Mike Gould can often be found standing on a desk or kneeling in front of Smith Hall. Most students do not pay any regard to him or his open guitar case on the ground. He is friendly and willing...

Breaking the mystery behind Franklin

Published October 12, 2005

Franklin Avenue is home to restaurants and cafés such as Pizza Lucé, Seward Café and 2nd Moon Coffee Café. These places have been specifically characterized by many around campus...