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Internship program aims to bring more diverse workforce to city

Published April 3, 2013

  Sixteen Minneapolis college students will intern with the city this summer as it works to close one of the biggest racial unemployment gaps in the nation. The Urban Scholars program, which began...

Bill would allow licenses for undocumented

Published March 29, 2013

  Legislators in Minnesota are working on a bill to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. The measure would make Minnesota the fifth state to allow undocumented immigrants...

Minnesota State Representatives Dean Urdahl, left, and Phyllis Kahn answer questions about allocating funding for filmmaking in Minnesota on Wednesday, March 6, 2013, at the State Capitol. Lawmakers are proposing tax incentives and legacy funding to bring motion-picture production to the state.

Bill would provide incentives for films

Published March 14, 2013

“Gran Torino”  was set to film in Minnesota, but the state lost the opportunity because of poor incentives for filmmakers. Now, the state Senate is working on a proposal to increase funding...

Look west this evening for Comet PANSTARRS

Published March 8, 2013

  If you look west this evening, around 6pm, just after sunset, you may get lucky and spot the comet, PANSTARRS. The comet is near the moon in the west horizon. It is best viewed up to 15 minutes...

John Brennan is new CIA chief

Published March 7, 2013

  Senate has just confirmed that John Brennan is the new CIA chief. Brennan’s new position comes after an almost 13-hour filibuster by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R). Senator Paul started the...

Ellison’s visit resonates with local Somalis

Published March 4, 2013

Last week, U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison returned from a visit to Somalia, making him the first U.S. politician to visit the country after the U.S. recognized the new Somali government in January. Ellison met...

Bill could help those undocumented

Published February 28, 2013

Undocumented students at Minnesota colleges could pay in-state tuition and get financial aid under a bill proposed in the state Legislature this week. The bill was proposed Monday by Sen. Sandy Pappas,...

Representative Keith Ellison and Sean Hannity ensue in verbal brawl

Published February 27, 2013

As reported by both MPR and MinnPost, last night Congressman Keith Ellison was invited to talk with Sean Hannity of Fox News. The show started with a mash-up of President Obama's speeches about the...

Same-sex news: From AP Style to the Supreme Court

Published February 21, 2013

AP Style The Associated Press Stylebook has a new entry for journalists using the words “husband” and “wife”, according to Minnesota Public Radio's Newscut.  The Stylebook,...

Looking for something to do tonight? Check out the Minnesota Beard-Off.

Published February 9, 2013

This weekend is the Minnesota Beard-Off, a competition of Minnesota’s most spectacular beards. As reported by Minnesota Public Radio, the contest really follows the likes of an art contest. Those...

Senator pushes for spinal research funding

Published February 7, 2013

Spinal cord injuries can be devastating, often leading to full or partial paralysis. Some states publicly fund research for spinal cord injuries, and a bill recently introduced in the state Legislature...

Minnesota is seeing a rush of gun bills

Published February 1, 2013

  With President Obama’s upcoming visit to Minneapolis to discuss gun violence, Minnesota is seeing many gun violence related bills coming up. As reported by the Star Tribune, upcoming bills...

Dung Beetles Use the Milky Way as a Map

Published January 30, 2013

  I found another random thing on NPR yesterday. An Australian scientist teaching in Sweden, with the help of a team, discovered that dung beetles use the Milky Way the guide themselves. When the...

MnSCU wants better college prep

Published January 30, 2013

An increasing number of Minnesota high school students are struggling to be fully prepared for college classes. The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system — which includes all state-funded...

Inauguration lends unique perspective to University student

Published January 24, 2013

Not many students get the opportunity to go to a presidential inauguration while in school, but University of Minnesota student Takehito Kamata was lucky enough to have that opportunity. Kamata, a doctoral...

A whimsical moment from Inauguration Day

Published January 22, 2013

I found this on NPR yesterday and thought it would be something different from the rest of the buzz of Inauguration. Amidst the Inaugural activities yesterday, President Obama signed some of his first...

Rep. Hausman focuses on University advocacy

Published December 12, 2012

Those who work with Rep. Alice Hausman call her fair. The legislator has served as the state representative for the area covering the University of Minnesota’s St. Paul campus for more than 20 years....

State Sen. John Marty goes through boxes of archives Tuesday after moving into his new office at the state Capitol in St. Paul.

DFL senators move in to the state Capitol

Published December 6, 2012

As Sen. John Marty settles into his new office at the state Capitol, he sifts through files from past sessions, carefully deciding what to keep and throw away. He said going through the process brings...

Former Vice President and University professor Walter F. Mondale on Tuesday in his office at Dorsey & Whitney LLP in Minneapolis in 2012.

Mondale’s moving on after spring semester

Published November 28, 2012

For the past seven years, a former U.S. vice president has taught at the University of Minnesota. But this spring will be Walter Mondale’s final semester teaching his entry-level public affairs course. Mondale...

Minnesota’s absent absentee ballots

Published November 21, 2012

College is a time of many firsts, and voting is usually one of them. Because so many students live far from home and want to stay involved with their hometown politics, absentee voting is a popular option. While...

Dayton and Vikings clash over charging fees

Published November 14, 2012

  Earlier today, Gov. Dayton expressed to the Minnesota Vikings his strong opposition of the team thinking of charging fees to season ticket holders to cover their part of the new stadium. Dayton...

Newly elected Congressional members arriving at Capitol Hill

Published November 13, 2012

  It’s time for new member orientation at the nation’s capital this week. All of the newly elected officials are filing in for their “freshmen orientations” today. Until these...

Voters re-elect Kahn and Dziedzic

Published November 8, 2012

Two Democratic-Farmer-Labor legislators won re-election Tuesday night as part of a DFL takeover of the state House and Senate. Rep. Phyllis Kahn and Sen. Kari Dziedzic were voted in with overwhelming margins...

Hausman wins re-election

Published November 7, 2012

State Rep. Alice Hausman won re-election Tuesday night to represent District 66A of the Minnesota state Legislature. Hausman, DFL-Minneapolis, won with about 63 percent of the vote. Her opponent, Republican...

Need-to-know Election Day info

Published November 6, 2012

  It’s Election Day and the Minnesota Daily has compiled everything students need to vote today. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie estimates that nearly 3 million Minnesotans will vote Tuesday,...

Green Party brings VP campaign to campus

Published October 29, 2012

  While most campaign stops around the University of Minnesota are for Democratic and Republican candidates, third-party candidates are still visible. Green Party vice-presidential candidate Cheri...

The last debate: a breakdown

Published October 24, 2012

President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney battled it out once again Monday evening in the final presidential debate before the election in November. The debate, which focused on foreign policy, was hosted...

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