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Daryl Gohl, left, and Kenny Beckman pose among DNA sequencers in their lab in the Cancer and Cardiovascular Research Building in Minneapolis on Monday, June 21. Gohl is the principal investigator for a COVID-sequencing project that recently received funds from the CDC and Beckman is the director of the Genomics Center at the University of Minnesota.

University receives funding to conduct COVID-19 genome sequencing

June 23, 2021
In an effort to help the future outlook of the pandemic, researchers will complete study the genome sequence of 6,000 test samples.
Assistant Professor of Internal Medecine and Pediatrics Carolyn Bramante poses in a medecine storage room in her clinic on Tuesday, June 15. Bramante is the principal investigator for COVID-OUT, a nationwide COVID-19 outpatient trial for which the University of Minnesota hosts the lead study site.

UMN receives $1.5 million for COVID-19 treatment trial

June 17, 2021
As the first trial of its kind, researchers will use common and widely available drugs to treat symptoms of COVID-19.
Ilean (second from right) stands with her family.

Students, friends and colleagues honor legacy of Regent Kao Ly Ilean Her following death at 52

June 8, 2021
Her was buried Sunday following a memorial service held June 5 and 6.