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Female students outnumber males

Published September 5, 2003

Katherine Miller, a chemistry junior, knows what it is like to be one of only a handful of females in class. But attending courses such as her physics lecture, where she says approximately 75 percent of...

300 employees will staff Coffman bookstore in first-week rush

Published September 2, 2003

The cashier at register 25 called to a student balancing a stack of textbooks on shaky arms. "I can help you over here," she said with a slight smile. She rang up her customer's purchase in under a minute. Coffman...

Early campaigning brings Bush to St. Paul

Published September 2, 2003

Although the 2004 presidential election is more than a year away, Minnesota voters are already getting national attention. Several Democratic and third- party hopefuls have visited the state to raise money...

Students reuse and recycle in YMCA’s ‘Dump and Run’

Published May 7, 2003

Matthew Bahr cannot count how many shoes he has thrown away in the process of moving from one place to the next. Like many college students, move-out time meant a trip to the dumpster for the University...

Handgun law worries U officials

Published May 1, 2003

University officials said the state's new conceal-and-carry handgun law creates potential safety issues for fans at its off-campus sporting events. Gov. Tim Pawlenty signed the law Monday. It mandates...

As temperatures soar, Minnesotans start to burn

Published April 30, 2003

The annual arrival of warm weather in Minnesota brings sun-seekers out in force to soak up the rays. Last week, as temperatures reached the 70s, University students flocked outside to tan or simply enjoy...

Non-traditional students add variety to U classrooms

Published April 21, 2003

Deborah Sjostrom brings a unique perspective to classroom discussions. The 44-year-old sociology senior said her memories of historical events like the Vietnam War set her apart from other students. "It...

Spring street sweeping to begin this week near U

Published April 7, 2003

Spring street sweeping could reduce already limited street parking surrounding the University starting this week. Minneapolis Public Works hopes to begin the project Tuesday. Signs will be posted on the...

Amid war’s unrest, students rethink studying abroad

Published April 2, 2003

KGeoff Ziezulewicz ristin Charles always thought studying abroad during college was an opportunity she couldn't pass up. But now the first-year student is rethinking her decision to enroll in a May session...

U students help build, remodel homes over spring break

Published March 25, 2003

As spring break destinations go, the setting was perfect - the sunny sands of Jacksonville Beach, Fla. But sophomore Ashley Wilhelm and 11 other University students who journeyed to the balmy getaway during...

GPT pretest will give more students an opportunity to take exam early

Published March 12, 2003

Students who want to take the Graduation Proficiency Test before completing four semesters of language classes might soon have an easier time doing so. The University's Committee on Second Language Education...

Antiwar student group holds campus referendum

Published February 27, 2003

Dr. Miguel Fiol, Fairview-University Epilepsy Care Center director, thought of his friends in Saudi Arabia when he cast his vote in a campus-wide antiwar referendum Wednesday. Organized by Students Against...

Cub Foods pharmacy offers after-hours contraception

Published February 18, 2003

An agreement between Boynton Health Service and an off-campus pharmacy to provide emergency contraception to University students is receiving positive feedback from Boynton officials in a three-month review...

Durex survey reveals U’s student body’ssafe-sex habits on par with national norm

Published February 12, 2003

According to a recent Durex-sponsored GenSex Survey, 38 percent of adults ages 18 to 24 have slept with a new sexual partner without wearing a condom. David Golden, director of Public Health, Marketing...

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