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iPad – Just a Giant iPhone

January 28, 2010

Yesterday, Apple announced their newest product - the iPad. This is designed to be a device that fills the niche between a smartphone and a laptop, but I am unconvinced that this provides much more than...

Unreleased Windows 7 Already has Several Security Patches

October 16, 2009

Windows 7 will be officially released on October 22, but for a while now, large companies with huge volume packages have had it since summer. It has also been available through sources such as Microsoft...

FTC Advertising Regulations now extend to Facebook, Twitter

October 6, 2009

Earlier today, the FTC published New Laws regarding testimonial advertisements on web, focusing on blogs and social media. While these changes include needed changes such as no longer allowing "results...

Free (Legal) Engineering Software for Students

September 27, 2009

Students with an ITLabs Account at the University of Minnesota have access to a wide range of free software (legally) for their personal computer. This includes software ranging from Microsoft Windows...