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Souls of the Dead

Published October 31, 2002

Evangelical cartoonist Jack T. Chick hates Halloween. Chick, creator and publisher of the inexplicably popular Chick Tracts, is a somewhat mysterious figure. No information exists about him except a brief...

The folk of Bart

Published October 31, 2002

Folk music appears to have such rugged integrity. Steadfastly rooted in history, sung in foreign tongues and played on ancient instruments, it has always presented itself as an inflexible ode to the roots...

‘Tis the season to be cannibalistic

Published October 29, 2002

We're coming up on a reflective time: winter, specifically. Winter seems to be off to an early start this year and will be actively seeking to murder us in a few months. And I can't be the only one who...

Post-Latin Precarious

Published October 24, 2002

There is an exhibit at the Walker Art Center that has invented a name for itself. In fact, its title contains not one, but two neologisms. See if you can spot them - the show is called Ultrabaroque: Aspects...

If Bosoms Could Kill

Published October 17, 2002

Here it is, the greatest film ever made. Even the title is a masterpiece - Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! It is the sort of title exploitation filmmakers dream of. The title alone guarantees ticket sales,...

Forget the present – we’re living in the future

Published October 15, 2002

It is time for a radical re-envisioning of Ö well, of time itself. We have been living in a dream of the present for too long now, and it is time we admitted the awful truth to ourselves: We are not living...

Don’t Bite My Style

Published October 10, 2002

As more evidence that there just ain't no justice in this world, who do we find at the helm of the latest incarnation of Thomas Harris's trilogy of books detailing the awful appetite of Hannibal "The Cannibal"...

Tutu or Not Tutu

Published October 10, 2002

Swan Lake, that hoary old classic of ballet by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, is not famous for raising critical hackles - but, then, really, how much ire can be raised by a story of songbirds in love? Louise...

A few ideas for reality television, in all its glory

Published October 1, 2002

Variety reports that CBS is taking Elly Mae up on her invitation - "Y'all come back now, y'hear?" - and reviving its classic series "The Beverly Hillbillies" with a reality-show twist, transplanting a...

The Spirit Is Willing

Published September 26, 2002

Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki, lately of the film Spirited Away (currently showing at the Uptown Theater) is a greatly ambiguous filmmaker, and I adore him for it. American films sometimes seem to exist...

The animated genius of puppet master Jiri Trnka

Published September 19, 2002

These are dire times for any sort of animation that doesn't involve computers. Such old-fangled crafts as cel and puppet animation, which require thousands of meticulously detailed drawings or carefully...

Shadows and Angels

Published September 19, 2002

For those of you who don't know it, The Children's Theatre Company's artistic director, Peter C. Brosius, is behind the most interesting productions in the Twin Cities. He has a taste for offbeat, ingenious...

America must regain its sense of humor

Published September 17, 2002

During the interminable television - watching hours of this Sept. 11, sandwiched between repeated images of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center buckling and collapsing in on themselves, a firefighter...

Greyhound blues

Published September 12, 2002

There is something about Aaron Cometbus that makes it seem as though he is writing the story of your life. A recent City Pages review of a new compilation of Cometbus's self-titled zine began with the...

Manic Pop Thrill

Published September 5, 2002

American Idol has wound down, finally, last night it finally spun into nothingness. It is a show that I have watched for reasons other than those intended by the producers, and if I can sum it up in two...

Anorexic lifestyle thrives as Internet subculture

Published September 3, 2002

Not to be glib, but I have developed a recent — and admittedly morbid — fascination for dieting Web sites which, among your typical suggestions for weight loss, include tips on hiding your...

Film: It crawled out from beneath a rock

Published July 15, 2002

It is summer, and once again the studios, like little boys at camp, are kicking into the dirt to see what sort of creepy crawlies will emerge to frighten us. Of course, what emerges is never that unexpected:...

Book review: Ormolu and Antimacassars

Published July 8, 2002

  Illustrator Edward Gorey, whose strange, crabbed, finely detailed illustrations and blackly humorous accompanying text seems perpetually to hang on the walls of college dorm rooms, died in April...

Talkies to open at local cinema

Published June 3, 2002

Well, we at The Lens are starting to feel as though we are turning into something of an official press organ for Vaudeville. We don't mind it -- after all, we pepper our conversations with phrases from...

Zgamoniums and Pencilina

Published April 23, 2002

  Bart Hopkin is mad, but his is an elegant madness. Some people collect sounds ñ it is a mania common to musicians, for whom sometimes the whole clattering world seems to be made of potential instruments....

Brit-wit gone commercial

Published November 30, 2001

Some of us could watch television forever if it weren't for television shows constantly interrupting all those marvelous commercials. There it is, Nike's staggeringly comic "Tag" commercial, in which it...