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Consider hate crimes in CeCe’s trial

Published May 2, 2012

Monday marked the beginning of Crishaun “CeCe” McDonald’s murder trial. For those who haven’t been following this case, McDonald is a 23-year-old, black, transgender woman who was...

Invisible Children gets more visible

Published April 25, 2012

You may have already read about the outrage in a variety of media outlets — someone defaced our beloved “Spoonbridge and Cherry,” an iconic sculptural landmark in Minneapolis, with the...

Building a culture of caring

Published April 17, 2012

On Monday morning, I got on the No. 113 bus headed to work from my Lyndale Avenue apartment. We got no further than the onramp to Interstate 94 when we got stuck in standstill traffic. Looking down the...

Ask questions first, shoot later

Published April 11, 2012

I’ve always had a thing about guns: I hate them. They make me nervous, and I don’t like to be in the same room with them. It doesn’t matter if they’re unloaded, unassembled and...

“Pink slime” is just the beginning

Published April 4, 2012

  Warning: If you have a weak stomach, simply love eating chocolate, ice cream or burgers, or prefer to remain ignorant of the problems in our commercial food industry, read no further. This column...

Who does the justice system protect?

Published March 27, 2012

  On Sunday afternoon as my partner was headed to work, a Native American teenager was beaten bloody on the sidewalk in front of our apartment building in Uptown. Luckily for the kid, my partner saw...

Don’t be fooled by emotional appeals

Published February 28, 2012

Whether we like it or not, our democracy is working within a two-party system. We have the option to vote either for a conservative candidate or a liberal candidate, and any other potential hopefuls amount...

Make Valentine’s Day happy for all

Published February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day is here, which means that many of us are thinking about what to get that special someone and where to go for the perfect romantic dinner. Some of us are also thinking about various,...

Republican candidates treat women as homemakers

Published January 30, 2012

The days of women being excluded from public life may legally and theoretically be over, but apparently thatâÄôs not enough to convince the GOP presidential hopefuls that women have any sort of...

Economic gap reflects uneven playing field

Published January 26, 2012

In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Barack Obama spoke at length about shrinking the rich-poor gap in America. The president declared his willingness to fight against Republican efforts...

Let trans girls Tagalong in Girl Scouts

Published January 18, 2012

When I was seven years old, I was excited to join a Brownie troop. Whatever experiences I had in those first few years of Girl Scouts stuck with me âÄî IâÄôm now in my 20s and still a scout....

Nothing ‘strong’ about ‘Strong’ ad

Published December 14, 2011

Campaign ads donâÄôt necessarily have a history of being flattering to minorities, but Rick PerryâÄôs recent âÄúStrongâÄù ad takes the gay-bashing cake. Within this ad,...

The many benefits of curbside composting

Published December 7, 2011

On Monday, the Minnesota Daily Editorial Board published a piece advocating for a simplified recycling system in Minneapolis. I agree that this would be a tremendous step in the right direction, but itâÄôs...

New districts should be made fairly

Published November 29, 2011

The process of redistricting the state of Minnesota has been underway for months now, and representatives have been submitting their proposed congressional maps to the state courtâÄôs redistricting...

Let’s talk about sex — all of it

Published November 21, 2011

When I was in school in Wisconsin, sex education was a necessary part of the sixth- and ninth-grade health curricula. The education I received, though lacking in some respects, was comprehensive enough...

Media must cover debates responsibly

Published November 16, 2011

Debates have been a long-standing, integral part of the election process in this country. These forums are meant to give candidates a chance to share their views on important issues âÄî issues...

The importance of disclosure

Published November 10, 2011

Campaign finance regulations have the potential to either help or severely hinder our democracy. Loosening these restrictions would allow financial contributions to be made to private interest groups and...

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