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Protest the war this Friday

Published April 24, 2006

On Friday thousands of students from dozens of high school and college campuses will gather at the University to demonstrate their opposition to the Iraq war. The reason for protest is self-evident. To...

Immigrants under corporate boots

Published April 10, 2006

You might not guess it by the mood on campus, but we are in the midst of one of the largest protest movements in modern U.S. history. In response to recent anti-immigrant legislation, millions of people...

Peak oil and failing mass media

Published March 27, 2006

Initially, I had planned on writing my final column in this series on the politics of the oil industry. However, after observing the ongoing neglect of peak oil in the media for the past few weeks, it...

The best and brightest hope

Published March 20, 2006

Last week the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released a study concluding that global oil production may peak and begin a rapid decline "within a few short years." Although there are no quick technological...

Complacent and addicted

Published March 6, 2006

To understand the full implications of this fact, it is important not to lose sight of the role that plentiful supplies of inexpensive petroleum have played in maintaining the American way of life. Residents...

Domestic spying is nothing new

Published February 22, 2006

Although the rationale for expanding police powers has shifted from communism to terrorism in recent years, the consequences are likely to be the same: Civic organizations that challenge our nation's power...

Greening urban landscapes

Published February 6, 2006

Although farming might seem a strange and distant occupation, most people in the United States are only a few short generations removed from the land. While debt and foreclosure forced many of our grandparents...

The story of our lives

Published January 27, 2006

ANOTE: This article originally appeared in the January 23rd print edition of The Daily. It was not posted because of error. merican culture has so stigmatized people who experience any emotion other than...

Branding Iraq with al-Qaida

Published December 12, 2005

The desperate attempt of government officials to brand the Iraqi insurgency with al-Qaida is part of a deliberate misinformation campaign aimed at dissuading the American public from demanding an end to...

The United States: A nation of emotional wrecks

Published November 28, 2005

Our collective odyssey through the social wasteland of free-market capitalism has severed modern life from its emotional roots, leaving many of us entirely unprepared to face the horrors of an increasingly...

Work a garden for a change

Published November 14, 2005

For the past two years, I've had the good fortune to participate in the day-to-day operations of a local organic farm. Before meeting Pete Seim, gardener extraordinaire and former manager of Garden Farme...

Movement will end occupation

Published November 7, 2005

Disclosure: I work with and have worked in the past with the Anti-War Organizing League. As the United States enters a period of deepening social crisis, government officials are busy waging war against...

Stop contracting with MINNCOR

Published October 31, 2005

The Board of Regents purchasing policy assigns preferential status to MINNCOR Industries, a division of the Minnesota Department of Corrections that uses prisoners in the production of a variety of goods,...

Closing GC and putting prisoners to work

Published October 17, 2005

If University President Bob Bruininks' administration continues on its current course, the University will be less accessible to future generations of Minnesotans and more dependent on the prison system...

Withdrawal from Iraq is already overdue

Published October 3, 2005

Politicians from the dominant political parties would have us believe that United States military forces are involved in a benevolent struggle to protect Iraq's "fledgling democracy" from "terrorists and...

The fight for access is not over

Published September 19, 2005

For disclosure, I was involved in organizing the General College Truth Movement sit-in. Last spring, President Bruininks proposed the dismantling of General College amid widespread opposition to his plan....