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Sing along with Superhopper

December 4, 2001

It's normal for an indie rock band to be a little fun and crazy, but Superhopper really takes the cake. Sitting down at a benefit show they played last week at the Borealis in Dinkytown, I expected to...

Volante finds next stage

October 16, 2001

Some call it paying dues. "You feel like there's a right way to get to the next stage of things," according to Gabe Shapiro of local indie rock band Volante, "but you don't know what it is." Almost every...

Not just a headset

September 25, 2001

No more inflatable props for eclectic rock 'n' roll circus The Hawaii Show I hear this is where Slug hangs out. There's tons of celebrities out here and you can be as alternative as you want," said Mr....