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On wartime exodus and fugee blues

Published April 25, 2007

A significant number of Iraqi refugees are among the country's most vulnerable minority populations, including Palestinians, Christians, Shia Kurds, Jews and the near extinct Mandeans. The Mandeans of...

A comparative look at captive treatment

Published April 11, 2007

The recent tiff between Britain and Iran calls for increased cooperation regarding maritime standards. The situation is indicative of Western hypocrisy regarding military provocation and the treatment...

Iraq: The other inconvenient truth

Published March 28, 2007

Despite the limitations of the film industry, the role of cinematic representations is significant, as film can capture emotion in more challenging ways than hard news. Much of national news, whether print...

Market tampering with free time

Published March 7, 2007

In an attempt to increase productivity, Peruvian President Alan Garcia has blamed the nation's lack of punctuality and has launched a new time initiative, which, ironically, commenced half an hour late....

The keffiyah: cultural, political, or chic?

Published February 21, 2007

A few years ago, nearly anyone wearing the keffiyah wore it for cultural reasons or as a political statement. As retailers begin to market the scarf, the line between political solidarity and aesthetics...

Su-shi schisms

Published February 8, 2007

The bombing of the al-Askari mosque in Samarra last February marked the beginning civil war phase of the war in Iraq. But as the chaos in Iraq becomes insurmountable, the ongoing fratricide in the country...

Lebanese persistence and American perceptions

Published September 14, 2006

Fifty-six massacres shook Lebanon this summer, the bloodiest being the massacres in Srifra, Qana and Qaa. These names bear immense burden to the Lebanese citizens, but perhaps remain foreign to Americans. For...

A young woman and a community lost

Published May 31, 2006

While Somali solidarity was vibrant in the search for Sudi Abdi, as made evident by the many Somalis who congregated along the Mississippi River in an organized search to find the young woman, the loss...

Deconstructing the myth of genocide in Darfur

Published May 4, 2006

The myth of a government-sponsored genocide in Sudan against African-Christians is another attempt by the right-wing and Zionist lobbyist in congress to peversify Islam. It seems to be on the tip of everyone's...

Punishing the Palestinians

Published April 26, 2006

In a world where checkpoints and blockades have made it impossible to survive economically, yet alone prosper, it's unfortunate that the latest assault on the Palestinian economy is the retraction of foreign...

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