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Disinvest from Israel

Published March 8, 2012

Amid the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s  lobbying and President Barack Obama’s unabashed support for Israel, a group of human rights activists joined Minnesota’s Break...

Profiling of Muslims still a problem

Published February 29, 2012

The freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are the prized possessions of all college students — unless you happen to be a member of the Muslim Student Association. Across the northeastern states,...

The second floor squeeze

Published February 22, 2012

“One of the main reasons I chose to come to the U of M,” I was told once by a Hispanic student, “is because of the La Raza Cultural Center. It gave me a second home.” Months passed...

Meditation reduces stress

Published February 16, 2012

Imagine stillness; complete silence. Imagine prolonged moments of “non-doing.” Many of us probably can’t. In fact, the art of multitasking is perhaps the one skill all students share....

Syrian revolution hits close to home

Published January 23, 2012

For 10 months, reading stories about the large-scale massacre of the Syrian people always felt so distant. I sat anxiously as the death toll climbed slowly to the thousands. There were also the occasional...

The meaning of Ramadan

Published August 10, 2011

Sixteen hours passed and not a drop of food or water has entered my body. Ramadan is here âÄî the ninth month in the Islamic lunar calendar, and I, along with 1.7 billion Muslims around the world,...

Media reinforces Islamophobia

Published August 3, 2011

Aghast and devastated when news reached us of the attacks in Norway, everyone was deeply pained that someone could so mercilessly claim the lives of 90 innocent individuals. For American-Muslims, the concerns...

Droughts abroad touch lives at home

Published July 20, 2011

Severe famine, political instability and the worst drought in 60 years are threatening the lives of over 11 million people in the Horn of Africa âÄî namely Somalia âÄî yet many of us remain...

Letters for Gaza

Published July 6, 2011

Less than two months ago, as finals week was drawing near, scores of University of Minnesota students lined up in Coffman Union to create cards they hoped would one day reach the hands of Gazans thousands...

Starved for a solution

Published June 22, 2011

With over 50 million Americans dieting at any given time, many of us pant like hungry dogs at the prospect of fast weight loss, even if it comes at the expense of our mental well-being. We daringly test...

What are the limits of academic freedom?

Published June 15, 2011

One of the most pivotal moments of a college experience is realizing there are other opinions out there than oneâÄôs own. This realization is often the product of classroom discussions and casual...

MyPlate is more colorful than helpful

Published June 8, 2011

"MyPyramid" is no longer my pyramid. I now have a plate, or âÄúMyPlateâÄù âÄî the new, multicolored platter where fruits, vegetables, protein and carbohydrates are nested in their...

Damaged community struck with altruism

Published June 1, 2011

The media routinely portrays North Minneapolis as a big warzone âÄî an area defined by youth gang violence, poverty and poor infrastructure. My friend, a resident of the area, referred to it as...

Health reform’s feint costs

Published November 22, 2009

Have you heard the good news about the health care reform bill that was proposed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.? Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Chairman Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., put out...

Presidential speeches need presidential venues

Published November 8, 2009

President Barack Obama took a trip to Madison on Wednesday to talk to Wright Middle School about education. He flew into the local airport, was driven to the speech (obviously with a motorcade and other...

And the prize goes to … Obama?

Published October 14, 2009

As I am sure every one of you has heard by now, President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Oct. 9 âÄî an award decision that has left me perplexed. I am sure I am joined by countless...

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