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A lesson on housing ‘filthy animals’

November 8, 2009

I use âÄúfilthy animalâÄù as a term of endearment. It describes an individual who is unashamed, or in this case unaware, of his animal nature. Gary was one of the finest filthy animals...

Opening up a racy conversation

October 4, 2009

Last weekâÄôs column sparked an uproar, but that was only one desired outcome âÄî the other was debate. In the pages of this newspaper, it wasnâÄôt so much a debate; it was more...

Down with America (The sexist parts)

September 27, 2009

I live in the Seward neighborhood, which is almost certainly MinnesotaâÄôs most racially and religiously diverse locality. Most days I bask in racial harmony and am inspired by such different peoples...

The money-pit of Minnesota

September 17, 2009

âÄúIf I were paying for this [expletive]âĦ IâÄôd be pissed,âÄù I recently jested to a friend I know to be drowning in college debt. She knows that her education isnâÄôt...

My flight from Fourth Street

September 9, 2009

The agony of being a young writer can be summarized in a single word: âÄúdoubt.âÄù ItâÄôs an emotion we all feel, but for writers itâÄôs supercharged (and in my case elevated...