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U.S. overlooks the welfare of its children

Published April 30, 2003

In a few weeks - it might be as soon as several days - I will become a father. Undoubtedly this will be the happiest moment of my life. Learning that my wife was pregnant, watching her tummy grow, seeing...

Weapons of mass disintegration

Published April 15, 2003

It is worth remembering that this was a war launched in the name of security. Of course, to those in possession of their critical faculties the claim was always risible. Even the Central Intelligence Agency...

Recovering the reality of ‘supporting our troops’

Published March 14, 2003

With lies and distortions a daily staple of George W. Bush administration pronouncements, it's little wonder the phenomenon has become contagious. In the staid halls of the United Nations, the fibs have...

What good is the First Amendment if we don’t use it?

Published February 24, 2003

Last semester I wrote a column, "So-called Friends of Israel are anything but," Oct. 22, 2002, denouncing a document distributed by Friends of Israel, a student group at the University. In unambiguously...

Hateful legislation attempts to repeal gay rights

Published February 13, 2003

Apparently it's never too early to legislate hate. Five Minnesota House of Representatives members last week introduced a bill to remove civil rights protections for gays and lesbians from the state's...

In Bush we trust?

Published January 28, 2003

Do you trust George W. Bush? It's a simple question, really. It's also not just rhetorical. According to a report in The New York Times, the White House believes that much of its case for escalating the...

Kissinger’s resume boasts of a criminal past

Published December 3, 2002

So corrupt is American political life that Henry Kissinger's recent appointment to lead the official commission investigating the attacks of Sept. 11 elicited, according to the New York Times, "mostly...

Remember resistance to war

Published November 19, 2002

Consider this a plea for memory. Last week President George W. Bush exploited the occasion of Veterans Day to once again threaten an escalation of the American war against Iraq. "This great nation Ö will...

Deceit infects political discourse

Published November 5, 2002

Heard the one about U.N. weapons inspectors being expelled from Iraq in 1998? Or how about the International Atomic Energy Agency report claiming the Hussein regime is "six months away from developing...

So-called Friends of Israel are anything but

Published October 22, 2002

Last week, I had the good fortune to attend a campus forum featuring Na'eem Jeenah, a South African lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand and a veteran of the anti-apartheid movement. Jeenah...

Telescope endorsement embarrasses University

Published October 8, 2002

Stanley Milgram, a researcher at Yale University, was curious about why people obeyed the Nazis during the Holocaust. Believing he might empirically help to develop an answer, Milgram set out in the early...

U.S. represents threat to world peace

Published September 25, 2002

Two weeks ago, Nelson Mandela told Newsweek magazine that the United States represents "a threat to world peace." Its posturing on Iraq, he claimed, was grounded in the Bush administration's "desire to...

Moral reasoning betrays a double standard

Published October 16, 2001

It is not often a columnist is willing to admit in print he was wrong, but here it goes. Since Sept. 11, I have consistently argued against a military response to the atrocities in New York and Washington,...

University wages reflect economic disparity

Published September 4, 2001

I can't even begin to estimate how many times I've heard Americans proudly assert, without really knowing why, "We're number one!" During the Persian Gulf War, this became something of an obscene mantra...

Toward Palestinian justice in the Middle East

Published June 1, 2001

For years, the two largest recipients of U.S. foreign aid have been Israel and Egypt, which combined collect approximately $5 billion from American taxpayers annually. Two weeks ago, Rene Kosirnik of the...