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Concern, rumors mark change process

May 31, 1996

Editor's Note: Since June 1995, the Academic Health Center has been planning profound changes as it faces extreme financial pressures. During the past months, rumors and concerns about the restructuring...

CSCIndex brings strong medicine to health center

May 30, 1996

Editor's Note: The Academic Health Center, which includes seven health care schools and the University Hospital and Clinic, hired the CSC Index consulting firm last June. In an effort to make profound...

Rally seeks more information on merger

May 10, 1996

More than 125 University union workers, students, faculty and union representatives rallied Thursday in front of Coffman Memorial Union to protest the planned merger between Fairview Health System and...

U seeks to improve bio-sciences programs

May 9, 1996

Administrators presented proposals to unify the University's biological sciences programs and increase the quality of its education and research at a forum Wednesday. The proposals were part of a draft...

University officials give their reaction to surgeon’s acquittal

February 22, 1996

In response to the acquittal of Dr. John Najarian, University officials said at a press conference Wednesday that they stand by their investigation of the former chief of surgery. "In light of today's...