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A New Way to Waste Time

April 16, 2002

As you walk through the aisles at the local hobby shop, leafing through their selection of model trains and paint-by-numbers kits, they seem too subdued, don't they?. Where are the hobbies for the rebel,...

Brush up your Bard

February 4, 2002

  Shakespeare had little choice but to be a poet, as Elizabethan theater was, above all, the staging of language. Shakespeare's actors at the Globe Theatre frequently would perform on a bare stage,...

Why you have bad taste in musical theater

November 15, 2001

How else to explain the fact that carries 34 versions of Rentñincluding a karaoke version and one from the Japanese castñbut it is virtually impossible to track down a copy of Kurt Weill's...

The devil you know

November 1, 2001

The start of Glen David Gold's Carter Beats the Devil, plunges us both into the thick of an adventure and onto the stage of the Curran Theatre, a creaky old Victorian stage in 1920's San Francisco. President...