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College Kitchen: Farmers market finds

Homemade Perfect Summer Tomato Toast made during the College Kitchen segment on Wednesday, July 22. The dishes were made with ingredients from Minneapolis Farmers Markets.

Nina Raemont

July 24, 2020

There are myriad reasons to patronize your local farmers market – from the open-air environment that lends safety and peace of mind to coronavirus-conscious patrons to the produce-related tips and conversations shared between vendors and shoppers. But today, we focus on one reason: the quality of fa...

Student groups develop plans for in-person meetings during fall semester

The University’s Student Unions and Activities has recommended that student groups attempt to host all meetings virtually throughout fall semester.

Abbey Machtig

July 22, 2020

Student groups at the University of Minnesota will be allowed to meet in-person during fall semester amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to President Joan Gabel and other administrators.  These groups must stay in compliance with guidelines and restrictions set by health officials, in addition ...

Gophers soccer completes coaching staff, returns to campus with new style

Gophers April Bockin, Emily Peterson and Molly Fiedler celebrate a penalty kick scored by Bockin at Elizabeth Lyle Robbie Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018.

Julianna Landis

July 16, 2020

Makenzie Langdok's return to the field for her senior season with the Gophers' soccer team looks much different from years past.  The team is starting training and captains' practices a month later than usual, and the procedures have changed. The team is returning in two shifts, preceded by rounds...

The public health costs of returning to campus

According to the Minnesota Medical Association, 70–80% of people up to the age of 18 have forgone regularly scheduled check-ups and vaccinations since the pandemic began.

Nat Jacobwith

July 15, 2020

COVID-19 is not the only public health risk affecting campus communities, and some students and healthcare professionals are bracing for the spread of other illnesses in the fall.  The University of Minnesota announced that there would be mixed in-person instruction, open recreational facilitie...

Trump administration repeals ruling barring international students from taking entirely virtual courses

Illustration by Hailee Schievelbein

Abbey Machtig

July 14, 2020

The Trump administration has overturned the ruling stating that international students taking all virtual classes were at risk for deportation. This ruling was made in a court hearing held Tuesday. According to judges overseeing the case, the universities and government were able to agree on a resolut...

Nearly a quarter of spring classes taken pass/fail

Illustration by Sarah Mai

Yves De Jesus

July 9, 2020

Nearly 50,000 class grades were given as pass/fail at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus this past spring. This means that nearly a quarter of all classes taken at the University were taken as pass/fail. This total reflects a 142% increase in the total classes taken S/N in the spring 20...

International students may not be able to stay in the U.S if their entire fall course load is online, ICE says

Illustration by Hailee Schievelbein

Hana Ikramuddin

July 6, 2020

Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced Monday that international students enrolled at universities in the United States will not be eligible to remain in the country if their entire course load is online. Per the announcement, international students participating in the Student and Exchange Visitor P...

2021 Gophers’ recruiting update: Defense

2021 Gophers' recruiting update: Defense

Matthew Kennedy

July 6, 2020

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Gopher football head coach P.J. Fleck has stayed busy building the future of his program. He's seen impressive results.  Following the Gophers' breakout 2019 season, players across the country are buying into Fleck's system and culture. That has translated into recr...

Twin Cities restaurants double as community donation hubs

Meg Bishop

July 2, 2020

Local eateries across the Twin Cities have opened their doors as donation drop off sites and foodbanks for neighborhoods that became food deserts after the events following George Floyd’s murder.  Destructive protesters damaged many neighborhood grocery and convenience stores in the surroundi...

Dinkytown’s Kollege Klub a hub for COVID-19 cluster

The Kollege Klub, a popular bar in Dinkytown, on Saturday, June 20. Bars in Minneapolis recently reopened their doors, but have limited hours of operation.

Brooke Sheehy

June 29, 2020

The Minnesota Department of Health has identified Dinkytown’s Kollege Klub bar as an epicenter of multiple COVID-19 cases. As of Friday, the Kollege Klub has been linked to 22 positive COVID-19 cases between June 15 and 21, according to an MDH spokesperson. Some social media users have criticized the Kollege Klub’s overcrowding since the st...