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College Kitchen: Breakfast club

Published December 11, 2013

With winter break nearly upon us, it's time to focus on what's really important: Waking up at noon and spending 45 minutes making breakfast. It's a proven fact that breakfast is the most delicious meal...

2013 local albums with ‘90s flair

Published December 11, 2013

We all pine for the glamorous days of the ‘90s. Today’s 20-somethings fondly remember the Bill Clinton era as a time of jean jackets, Nickelodeon cartoons and boundless hope. Twenty years later,...

A new exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts features the restoration of a triptych by Max Beckmann, titled Blind Mans Buff. This is the third restoration done on paintings at the MIA and will be conducted over four months by the Midwest Art Conservation Center.

To preserve and protect

Published December 5, 2013

The art restoration process has long been hidden from prying eyes in the backs of museums, and rarely does one consider the work that goes into maintaining collections of centuries-old works. The Minneapolis...

A spicy jambalaya with Andouille sausages.

College Kitchen: Sausage fest

Published December 5, 2013

Don’t believe the hype. For too long haters have maligned the contents of these glorious meat tubes we call sausage. “Do you even know what goes into a hot dog?” Yes, yes I do —...

A whole roasted chicken stuffed with vegetables.

College Kitchen: College chicken

Published November 27, 2013

It’s simple. Buying a whole chicken will cost you the same as two or three breasts in most stores. It’s just a matter of learning recipes for every part of the chicken. Given that chicken is...

Psymun performs his brand of hazy hip-hop.

Crate digging with Psymun

Published November 27, 2013

Behind the endless shelves of knick-knacks and shiny, shrink-wrapped records at the Electric Fetus lies the used vinyl section. The collection of reject records does not make for good listening. But for...

Brendan Canning urges all to chill.

Life after Broken Social Scene

Published November 21, 2013

Life has changed for Brendan Canning. Since Broken Social Scene’s dissolution — Canning never called it a break-up — the former bassist and sometimes-singer has had to ponder his music...

A simple chicken curry served on a bed of rice.

College Kitchen: Currying favor

Published November 21, 2013

Every culture has curry. The term itself is vague, generally meaning a thick, spice-laden sauce. Wherever you are from, though, curry should be a comfort food. It’s warm. It’s heavy. It’s...

College Kitchen blog: Let’s talk about hash browns

Published November 15, 2013

    Let’s say you happen to find yourself with some extra time in the morning. You wanna whip up something greasy but your pantry’s bare. What do you have? A 5 pound sack of potatoes...

Diarrhea Planet is much more than a crazy name.

Sweaty dudes make good

Published November 14, 2013

Diarrhea Planet is dead serious about rock ‘n’ roll. They're not joking when it comes to screwing around on stage, reeling off harmonized guitar solos and generally blowing the minds of anyone...

College Kitchen: Myth busting

Published November 14, 2013

A lot of cooking is a science, and most chefs are not scientists. So, inevitably, there are lots of people pretending to know what they're talking about without much real information. Chefs will spout...

The crowd skates at the Roller Garden on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013, in St. Louis Park. The Roller Garden has been a staple in the community for over 40 years.

Rink rats: Just roll with it

Published November 14, 2013

Jam skating. Chicago style. J.B. skating. Freestyle. Artistic skating. No two patrons of St. Louis Park’s Roller Garden could agree on the exact terminology for what many of them dedicate several...

“Born to Run” is basically punk rock

Published November 12, 2013

I defy you to think of an album with a better A-side than “Born to Run.” That first half doesn’t even include the best song on the album, the title track. Even if you love where you’re...

Junior Neil Horan pours coffee into a bucket of compost in his food science class in McNeal Hall on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2013.

Down to a science

Published November 7, 2013

Students flooded into the pristine white lab. The unadorned stove tops and cabinets looked more like an Ikea showroom than a classroom. To many, Science of Food and Cooking, frankly, seems like a blow-off...

Bruschetta, an Italian appetizer, consists of diced tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and olive oil on toasted bread.

College Kitchen: Shop smart

Published November 7, 2013

Look, saving money is almost universally rad — coupons instantly transform any grade-A nerd into a leather jacket-clad cool kid. However, there are some things worth dropping extra cash on. Knowing...

Homemade peanut butter cups, an easy and delicious Halloween dessert treat to make.

College Kitchen: Horror d’oeuvres

Published October 31, 2013

There’s only one reason anybody actually goes to parties: the promise of free food. The world’s leading party scientists have proven that a rager’s coolness is directly correlated with...

Dosh drops a new record

Published October 27, 2013

Few have the kind of musical resume as local journeyman Dosh. His bands and collaborations have stretched across all kinds of music — post-rock with Lateduster, good old fashion rock n’ roll...

A simple pulled pork taco with homemade salsa.

College Kitchen: Braising hell

Published October 24, 2013

Sometimes in life you want to craft a delicate meal to woo a date. Other times in life you want to do the exact opposite: slow cook an enormous hunk of meat. Braising is essentially a fancy word for very...

Chef Jack Riebel knows his meats.

Q&A with a local super chef

Published October 24, 2013

If you glance at Butcher & The Boar's sausage-laden menu, you might just mistake Jack Riebel for a traditionalist. His cooking may seem sentimental, yet his outlook on food is anything but. His restaurant...

A simple stromboli can provide delicious sandwiches for the week and can be filled with various ingredients.

College Kitchen: Naked lunch

Published October 17, 2013

Are you on a first-name basis with every Subway employee? This isn't “Cheers” — over-familiarity probably means you're blowing a lot of money on fast lunches. “But College Kitchenisto!...

Culture Compass: Rhymin’, stuntin’ and chillin’

Published October 17, 2013

Thursday Hats Off to Dr. Seuss Jean Stephen Galleries; 4811 Excelsior Blvd., St. Louis Park Gallery open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Free If you can’t get enough “Green Eggs and Ham” and have been...

Chris Onstad’s wonderful world of “Achewood” resurfaces

Published October 12, 2013

After several years of indefinite hiatus and on-and-off posting, Chris Onstad's massive web comic “Achewood” has started up again. Beginning in 2001, Achewood originally focused on a small...

A re-creation of the falafel sandwich from Wallys Falafel and Hummus, one of many favorite dishes from around Dinkytown.

College Kitchen: Recreating Dinkytown favorites

Published October 10, 2013

Have Dinkytown's eateries left you penniless? Tricked you into spending $14 on a hamburger you didn’t really need in the first place? Enticed you into getting a “quick bite” after class? From...

College Kitchen: Purchasing with Purchase

Published October 3, 2013

We’ve all considered hitchhiking to carry our bags back from the grocery store. Such is life in the University of Minnesota food desert. You don’t have to succumb to hopping in a stranger’s...

The morals of the “Breaking Bad” finale

Published September 30, 2013

Seeing Walter White kick so much ass in the finale almost makes you forget how seriously has taken the “anti-hero” label throughout the series. Just two or three episodes prior, if you were...

Pasta Bolognese, a quick and simple recipe for any college kitchenista.

College kitchen: Clear out your pantry

Published September 26, 2013

You look in your fridge. All you see is half an onion, three cans of Hamm's, leftover rice and a bell pepper someone guilt-tripped you into buying at the farmers market on Church Street. What do you cook?...

College Kitchen blog: Quick, inauthentic lunch

Published September 25, 2013

Quesadillas may seem too obvious a lunch option to even bring up. But guess what? They're goddamn delicious. You can whip one up in the morning basically while sleeping, throw it in your b-pack and...

Hemingway’s un-Hemingway hamburger

Published September 22, 2013

Apparently, Hemingway's terse writing style doesn't spill over to his cooking. His hamburger recipe — that he titled "Papa's Favorite Hamburger" — features no...

This pig had one hell of a night

Published September 21, 2013

Are humans losing their edge in partying? For thousands of years people have been on top of the partying food chain but after the drunken antics of this pig, I'm not too sure anymore. Here I thought...

A simple pan-seared pork chop with a salad on the side.

College Kitchen: Learn how to cook meat safely

Published September 19, 2013

  Few elements of the culinary world carry the kind of stigma among college students that raw meat does. The threat of foodborne illnesses deters many amateur cooks from an entire world of recipes....

Album review: “Shoot the Dog” by The Cloak Ox

Published September 19, 2013

Minneapolis sort-of super group The Cloak Ox released their first full length album “Shoot the Dog” Tuesday, with members of Lateduster, Dosh, Fog and Alpha Consumer coming together to record...

College kitchen focuses on basic knife skills and cooking skills while preparing ratatouille this week.

College Kitchen: How to use a knife

Published September 12, 2013

So you’ve got your kitchen in order and you’re raring to go. Before you go all Edward Scissorhands on a bell pepper, keep in mind some basic guidelines for proper knife technique. If you want...

A scientific ranking of Minnesota mascots

Published September 11, 2013

After much delibration, I have finally compiled a percise ranking of Minnesota mascots. Don't question my methods, they are as accurate as they are secret. Honorable mentions include the St. Paul Saints'...

Station to Station rolls into town

Published September 9, 2013

What’s the one criticism of every music/arts/film festival since they began? They’re not on trains. Doug Aitken’s Station to Station has remedied that problem. Arriving in St. Paul’s...

College Kitchen: Get your kitchen basics

Published September 5, 2013

Who’s tougher than someone who can throw down in the kitchen? Someone who knows their way around a broiler and can dice an onion in seconds flat? No one messes with a dude who can whip up a filet...

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