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Column: Conservatives aren’t the only ones silenced on campus

Published May 1, 2017

Let's start off with some good news: If anyone reading this is disappointed Ann Coulter couldn’t talk freely at UC-Berkeley last week, you can read her 12 bestselling books, join the 1.49 million people...

A white privilege checklist was posted in Mark G. Yudof Hall last week.

Column: Yes, ‘white privilege’ exists, but that’s not all

Published April 24, 2017

In last week's column, I wrote about a "white privilege checklist" posted on a Yudof Hall bulletin board. The board in question was likely taken down before my column even hit publication, and by now,...

A white privilege checklist was posted in Mark G. Yudof Hall last week.

Column: When a ‘dialogue’ is nothing but lip service

Published April 17, 2017

Last week, a bulletin board containing a "white privilege checklist" was posted in Mark G. Yudof Hall, and the events that followed played out exactly as you'd expect. Conservative news outlets jumped...

Column: Twin Cities eateries lead the pack in fight for livable wage

Published April 10, 2017

Last week, I wrote a column asking the University to take a stand in the push for a livable wage, since many of its students and employees make below the proposed $15 per hour. This has yet to happen....

The Universitys Board of Regents talk at a meeting on June 10, 2016.

Column: UMN should take a side in potential minimum wage hike

Published April 3, 2017

Many University of Minnesota-area businesses are bracing themselves for a potential city-wide minimum wage hike in Minneapolis, but the University itself has remained mostly silent on the issue, despite...

Column: Facebook isn’t the source of your unhappiness

Published March 28, 2017

There are many reasons to quit Facebook and other social media — and even more articles are being written about why now is the time to do it. You know the ones. They'll cite the most recent in an...

Trump is bad for comedy but lucrative for comedians

Published March 20, 2017

Early last week, comedian Dave Chappelle told CBC News, "Trump's kind of bad for comedy." Because the president is on everyone's minds, Chappelle said, many comedians are making the same jokes about him....

Members of Sigma Chi chat with prospective members during recruitment on Monday, Sept. 5, 2016.

Column: We need frat members in the fight against sexual assault

Published March 6, 2017

This past Saturday, protesters assembled and marched along fraternity row, speaking out against campus sexual assault. According to the Minnesota Daily's coverage of the event, more than 100 people attended...

Anti-Semitic cases on UMN campus show hate has many faces

Published February 27, 2017

On a largely liberal campus in 2017, it's sometimes easy to dismiss the recent anti-Semitic incidents here at the University of Minnesota as empty provocations from fresh-faced kids more interested in...

Stop searching for ‘the one’ and open yourself to love

Published February 21, 2017

Now that we're a week past the chocolate, roses and CVS Valentine’s Day teddy bears, it's time we have a reasonable discussion about love.This talk is necessary because the image of love we celebrate...

Everybody is an ‘outsider’

Published February 13, 2017

Society has a love affair with outsiders. With Divergent, we've built an entire movie franchise around a teen literally diverging from societal norms, and this summer, we'll watch Peter Parker go from...

Your Trump-Obama comparisons are a waste of time

Published February 6, 2017

This past weekend, the Department of Homeland Security temporarily blocked enforcement of President Trump's immigration ban. The ban sparked protests worldwide, despite the president's insistence that...

The new University of Minnesota Police Department squad car.

UMPD community engagement officers are a step forward. Are they enough?

Published January 30, 2017

Last week, the Minnesota Daily reported on the University of Minnesota police officials' plans to add two new community engagement officers.These officers will be responsible for engaging with University...

James McAvoy in M. Night Shyamalan’s “Split.”

Does ‘Split’ perpetuate stigma surrounding mental illnesses?

Published January 24, 2017

The mind can be a dark and terrifying place. The only thing scarier than the paths our thoughts travel is the uncertainty of what could be going through someone else's head. This past weekend, M. Night...

Buzzfeed’s publication of Trump dossier is ‘breaking’ news

Published January 17, 2017

Last week, Buzzfeed published 35 pages of allegations on president-elect Trump, which covered everything from potential treason to pee-soaked trysts with Russian prostitutes. It was perfect clickbait,...

Change is (still) going to come

Published December 12, 2016

For many people, this past year has been, and I’ll put this as delicately as possible, a massive, steaming pile of crap. Or, at least that’s what I’ve gathered from the internet, and I can’t help...

To all the music critics: 2016 ain’t over ‘til it’s over

Published December 6, 2016

There’s still a month left in 2016, but to quote the illustrious Mr. Lenny Kravitz, “Baby, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” That said, numerous publications have already published their picks...

How much should we truly expect of celebrities?

Published November 29, 2016

With social media, tell-alls and TMZ, we know more intimate details about celebrities than ever before. They aren’t just faces on magazines and Wheaties boxes — they’re people who take selfies,...

Don’t let negative self-talk keep you from where you want to be

Published November 22, 2016

A week ago, Sam Cooke’s “(What A) Wonderful World” came on while I was in a coffee shop, and Cooke’s courting strategy in the song took me off guard. In two short minutes, he tells the object of...

Languages of hate and indifference

Published November 16, 2016

When I saw “ISIS” scrawled over the Muslim Student Association’s panels on the Washington Avenue Bridge, I knew some people would draw similarities between the vandalism of MSA’s panels and College...

After Election Day, it’s time to take a breath

Published November 7, 2016

If there’s one thing that everybody can agree on, it’s that this election season couldn’t end sooner.Well, I’m happy to report that when you wake up on Wednesday, it’ll all be over. We did it....

We need to look for understanding and progress, not applause

Published November 1, 2016

I grew up on “The Daily Show” — coming from a conservative small town, Jon Stewart was, to me, a voice of reason, and he provided a welcome counterbalance to Bill O’Reilly barking across the...

New sick note policy is ill

Published October 26, 2016

Great news, scammers! The University will review its sick note policy, and if Boynton Health gets their way, students will no longer need notes for one-time illnesses, like a cold or the flu. You know...

Expecting respect isn’t censorship

Published October 17, 2016

Last week, I wrote a column discussing the lack of “pro-wall” voices in the coverage of the College Republican’s defaced “Build the Wall” mural on the Washington Avenue Bridge. The articles I...

May I ask, why should we build that wall?

Published October 11, 2016

By now some readers may be sick of seeing yet another column or story discussing the Washington Avenue Bridge “Build the Wall” mural and its subsequent defacement as well as President Kaler’s unsurprisingly...

Well, in this election season, someone will win

Published October 3, 2016

We live in tempestuous times, or so I’m told. I deleted my Facebook, so it’s sometimes hard to tell. But I’ve heard from my social-media-stalwart friends that there’s quite a loony election going...

No guilt in “guilty pleasures”

Published September 26, 2016

The phrase “guilty pleasure” has always been a bit of a misnomer because there’s rarely any actual guilt associated with whatever it’s attached to. And why should there be? Unless your guilty pleasure...

A step forward, or a step to the side?

Published September 19, 2016

When searching for an apartment near campus, a person is often forced to choose between two extremes — do they go with the cheaply-built, yet ornately-furnished apartment that’s split between eight...

Goodbye to language

Published September 12, 2016

Pistanthrophobia is the fear of trusting people due to negative past experiences. However, you won’t find the word or its definition in any legitimate dictionary; you’ll only find it on Tumblr. It...

Dismantling the degree factory

Published September 6, 2016

Based on the thousands of caps and gowns at last spring’s graduation ceremonies, you’d hardly guess that as recently as the ‘90s the University of Minnesota had a four-year graduation rate of only...

Lake Monster Brewings brewery and taproom brings a new brewpub experience to St. Pauls Vandalia Tower complex.

New brewery opens doors

Published December 1, 2015

Lake Monster Brewing’s Matt Zanetti wanted a vineyard. Zanetti was born in California’s wine country, where his father managed a vineyard for years until they moved to a 75-acre farm in western...

Rachel Gold poses with the cover art of her new book at the Book House in Dinkytown on Sunday. Gold will be reading a section from her book, My Year Zero at the Queer Voices event on Tuesday.

Connections in queer spaces

Published December 1, 2015

Even with today’s infinite means of communication, it can be difficult for an individual to find their voice. It’s harder yet to be heard — especially for frequently marginalized populations.   Intermedia...

Cinnamon and nutmeg Sweet potato pancakes with a dollop of butter and a drizzle of syrup.

College Kitchen: Thanksgiving leftovers

Published November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving is a time for food, family and uncomfortable conversations. However, no matter how much you and your family members begin to resemble the stuffed turkey you’ll feast on, there will be...

U’s best cold pizza

Published November 25, 2015

A Saturday night isn’t complete without a pizza. It was the ubiquitous “favorite food” in kindergarten, and its versatility likely secured it a place in your top ten as you entered young...

The exterior of the Soap Factory as seen on Sunday. The Soap Factory is scheduled to go on a break starting December.

After the scare

Published November 17, 2015

The Soap Factory has a documented history of scaring Minneapolis.   The iconic art space’s annual Haunted Basement exhibit just completed its ninth year making patrons say “uncle.”...

Iconic Canadian childrens singer Raffi will be performing at the Pantages Theatre on Saturday, November 14th.

A voice for children

Published November 12, 2015

If you were a child within the last 40 years, chances are you’ve heard Raffi Cavoukian’s music. Whether making calls on his bananaphone or brushing his teeth for fun, Raffi gave kids all...

Members of the Girls Only Comic Club meet to discuss what comics theyve been reading as of late at the Kitty Cat Klub on Thursday.

A girls-only geeky get-together

Published November 5, 2015

In high school, Julia Walchuk’s brothers said her love for Batman was too extreme. In the Girls Only Comic Club, the University of Minnesota graduate found there’s no such thing.   “Batman...

Real Estate frontman Martin Courtney released his solo debut album Many Moons, last Friday, a project two years in the making.

Real Estate’s Martin Courtney enters a new phase

Published November 3, 2015

Real Estate’s Martin Courtney liked the idea of disappearing into his band. With each album, Courtney’s soft voice never competed against the intricate guitar work surrounding it, each track...

Great Lakes Woodland Skirts Fashion Show is a collaboration between a mother, Delina White and two daughters Sage Davis and Lavender Hunt. The fashion tour of unique skirts inspired by their ancestors, finishes its tour in Duluth Oct. 30.

Native American history hits the runway

Published October 27, 2015

Delina White learned traditional Native beadwork from her grandmother. When White’s grandmother assembled handbags in her Onigum, Minn., home, she let 6-year-old White play with her beads and sequins....

Rtusha Kulkarni and Julia Marshall of the student group MinneCinema Studios watch a play back of their submission for the 48 Hour Film Horror Project. Participating groups were given 48 hours to create an original horror movie, which will be shown at the Mall of America on Thursday evening.

Students undertake scary film fest

Published October 22, 2015

Aman wakes up sitting at an unfamiliar table, zip-tied to his seat. Classical music fills the room as he pulls against his binding. He looks to see two cameras pointed at him, recording him, one to his...

Breann Thorne and Corey Smith in This Loneliness. This Loneliness will be featured in the Twin Cities Film Festival which runs at the Showplace ICON from Oct. 21-31

‘Midwestern miserablism’

Published October 22, 2015

Finding success in filmmaking is a near impossible dream. After months or even years of struggling to find a cast, the time and the money, success is never a guarantee.   Minnesota filmmaker C.B....

The Great Minnesota Lit-Together

The Great Minnesota Lit-Together

Published October 13, 2015

Minnesotans aren’t fond of bragging, but the Twin Cities Book Festival aims to change that when it comes to the state’s literary scene.   “I think people are really interested in...

Wyatt Cenac

Welcome back, Wyatt Cenac

Published October 13, 2015

Wyatt Cenac admits he’s a skeptical person. He often suspects things are too good to be true and will “wait for the other shoe to drop” — except when it comes to aliens on TV.   “I’ve...

A pumpkin latte waits to be sipped at Caribou Coffee on Wednesday.  The popular drink returns to various coffeeshops around campus this fall.

Pumpkin spice lattes ranked

Published October 8, 2015

Some things are synonymous with autumn, like the start of a new school year and the changing color of the leaves. Other things have grown to be associated with the season, like pumpkin spice lattes.   In...

MUFF returns to Minneapolis

Published October 7, 2015

Tonight, the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival (MUFF) returns to the St. Anthony Main for another round of fun and subversive films.   MUFF doesn’t seek out of the independent Oscar bait...


On the regular with Shamir

Published October 6, 2015

It’s easy to identify 20-year-old Vegas native Shamir Bailey’s voice. His distinctive countertenor crosses gender lines and floats above his spare electro-disco songs — equally at home...

Matthias Joyce rests on his car after completing a delivery for Mesa Pizza on Saturday night.

Night drive with Mesa Pizza

Published October 1, 2015

Mesa Pizza delivery driver Matthias Joyce smirked as a line of inebriated University students stumbled through the lobby of The Bridges and onto the streets near Dinkytown.   Despite the increased...

Doomtree unleashed

Published October 1, 2015

Last December marked the end of a decade of Doomtree Blowouts, annual label showcases that were one of the few times in a year fans were able to see all seven Doomtree members — P.O.S., Dessa, Cecil...

Pop and pastries

Published September 24, 2015

Before a band gets their name painted on one of the stars lining the exterior of First Avenue, it’s written in icing on a star-shaped pastry from Glam Doll Donuts.   The Minneapolis doughnut...

Empress Of Everything

Published September 22, 2015

Lorely Rodriguez finds strength in vulnerability.   Starting in 2012 as a series of ethereal one-minute song snippets called “Colorminutes,” Rodriguez’ Empress Of project puts her...

Customers enjoy lunch on Wednesday at Co-op Creamery Neighborhood Café in the Seward neighborhood.

Co-op creamery dishes out global influence

Published September 17, 2015

The Co-op Creamery Neighborhood Cafe has all the markings of a hip new restaurant: a minimal decor complete with vintage lighting and exposed concrete, photogenic food and  an executive chef known...

(left to right) Emmet Swartout, Christian Breitbarth and Tia Houseman pour apple juice into a container at a Northern Brewer workshop as a part of the process for making hard cider on Saturday. Breitbarth guided the workshop and has led various other classes at Northern Brewer.

Community cider

Published September 15, 2015

It’s harvest season, and professionals and home brewers alike are making homemade hard cider from this year’s apples.   “If one of your friends is allergic to bees or yellow jackets,...

on Tuesday at Bar Luchador in Stadium Village. Bar Luchador recently opened early this August.

Bar Luchador enters the ring

Published September 10, 2015

Even before seeing the masked wrestler portraits adorning the walls of Bar Luchador, one would immediately recognize the Mexican street food joint as an oddity in Stadium Village. After all, it’s...

A team of women put finishing touches on melomakarona, spice cookies dipped in honey, in preparation for the bake sale at Taste of Greece on Wednesday at St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church in Minneapolis. The festival runs Sept. 11-13 with free admission.

Greek life off campus

Published September 10, 2015

On Tuesday, crews raised tents for this weekend’s Taste of Greece festival hosted by St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church in the East Calhoun  neighborhood.   The event features Greek...