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Minnesota’s history of prohibiting gay marriage

Published November 17, 2008

The recent piece on the passage of Proposition 8 and other marriage bans dealt mostly with the local gay community's reaction, rather than the status or history of gay marriage bans themselves. Here in...

Updates on the condition of Kai Wilson

Published October 29, 2008

It appears that Kai Wilson, the University freshman who is in a medically induced coma after sustaining head injuries early Saturday, just went through surgery to have an oxygen sensor installed to make...

More on the case of the RNC 8- On the MN Patriot Act

Published October 15, 2008

Our story about the RNC 8 has generated a lot of comments and controversy, both at our site and at others where it's been syndicated (sometimes in whole, which is itself a controversy in journalism circles)....

More exciting information about changes to the Higher Ed Opp Act!

Published October 9, 2008

Like sometimes happens, I received a concise reply from the Department of Education only after the story went to print. See the original article:

Jenkins family holds NYC press conference

Published April 29, 2008

The case of a University student murdered in 2002 is garnering national attention, as private investigators linking it to 39 other disappearances around the country appeared on Good Morning America and...

Student group puts graphic images on Coffman lawn

Published April 24, 2008

A two-day presentation featuring large, graphic images likening abortion to genocide began Tuesday on the Coffman Union lawn. The event, which was brought to the University by the Students for Human Life...

Ganley found not guilty of assaulting officer

Published April 15, 2008

Ten minutes before the jury decided the verdict that could send University student Augustin Ganley to jail for more than two years, the six jury members hunched over a notebook computer in the darkened...

Crossing the River: West Bank – the future

Published March 27, 2008

Somehow, the building at 425 Cedar Ave. was built two and a half feet over the property line of the city-owned lot that formerly held Dania Hall, the Danish community center that burned down in 2000. In...

Crossing the River: West Bank Institutions

Published March 26, 2008

The Cedar Riverside People's Center on 20th Avenue squats in the shadow of the new addition to the Carlson School of Management, Hanson Hall, while a couple blocks down, Augsburg's new 180,000-square-foot...

Crossing the river: West Bank history

Published March 24, 2008

There's a section of ragged concrete outside the 400 Bar at the intersection of Riverside and Cedar avenues where the original red brick street peeks through. At least 100 years old, it's emblematic of...

Vague sound ordinance ruled unconstitutional

Published March 14, 2008

In March, Trocaderos night club sued the city of Minneapolis after receiving five noise ordinance violations in 2006, contesting the citations. Nine months later, the Hennepin County District Court ruled...

Profs shy away from controversial issues

Published February 14, 2008

Last year, South African civil-rights leader Desmond Tutu was scheduled to speak at the University of St. Thomas to high school students about "turning enemies into friends." Wanting to avoid controversy...

Dinkytown luthier practices old-world craftsmanship on people’s instruments

Published January 31, 2008

Last Thursday, for the second afternoon in a row, Martin Reynolds fussed with a Goodall acoustic guitar. The problem from the day before was still there - the guitar's unique layout made it difficult for...

Overexercising potentially dangerous

Published January 24, 2008

The University Recreation Center buzzes as the skis of elliptical machines slide back and forth, punctuated by the patter of running shoes slapping the treadmill. On the face of most machines is a calorie...

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