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U student creates website to link students to startup companies

Published December 14, 2016

Not all students can expect to work for companies like General Mills or 3M right after graduation, and forging connections to find those types of jobs isn’t easy. To help ease that transition, a University...

A rendering showing Green on Fourth —a proposed six-story apartment complex located in Prospect Park.

New apartment building being developed for Prospect Park

Published December 7, 2016

A new sustainable housing option may soon break ground in a nearby University of Minnesota neighborhood. Green on Fourth is a proposed six-story apartment complex that would be located in Prospect Park...

New cellphone repair service store opens in Stadium Village

Published December 6, 2016

As the temperature gets colder and the sidewalks get icier, a single slip might mean a cracked phone for students.But a new store, CPR: Cell Phone Repair opened its doors in Stadium Village Thursday to...

A bus bound for Normandale Community College pulls into the I-35W & 46th Street Station on August. 13, 2016.

U study says transit does not have impact on public health

Published November 23, 2016

While many click-bait articles have headlines that claim using public transportation has a significant impact on health, a University of Minnesota study, which explored the correlation between transit...

University of Minnesota Police see surge in fake ID cases

Published November 21, 2016

While many underage students attempt to buy alcohol from liquor stores or bars using fake IDs every year, the University has seen a surge in the number of cases involving fake IDs.Since the end of July,...

Maple Grove Police report uptick in suburban panhandling population

Published November 18, 2016

In the evening, hoards of University of Minnesota students can be seen trekking down Washington Avenue for a quick bite to eat before heading back to their apartments for the night. But among this group...

Body cams will be worn by all MPD officers

Published November 15, 2016

Amid nationwide discussions about police conduct, the city of Minneapolis has adopted body cams.Earlier this month, the Minneapolis Police Department announced officers in all five precincts will wear...

Freshman seminar trains students to facilitate election discussions

Published November 3, 2016

In polarizing elections, it can be hard for students with opposing political ideologies to find middle ground.A new University of Minnesota freshman seminar taught a group of 18 students how to facilitate...

In 2014, 26 percent of the 361 traffic deaths in Minnesota were speed related.

Speedy drivers be warned: Experts say cameras could curb speeding

Published November 1, 2016

Drivers with lead feet take heed. University of Minnesota experts are touting automated speed enforcement cameras as an effective way to curb speeding drivers — a top cause of driving fatalities...

University participates in voter registration contest

Published October 20, 2016

Encouraging college students to go out and vote has historically been a tough feat.Hoping to reverse that trend, the University of Minnesota is participating in the Minnesota College Ballot Bowl, a program...

Source: FBI

Report: Total crimes increased in Minneapolis last year

Published October 20, 2016

While serious crime rates have gone down at the University of Minnesota over the last decade, crime increased slightly last year compared to 2014.According to the University’s latest Annual Security...

Minneapolis Police Department adopts new preferred pronoun policy

Published October 6, 2016

The Minneapolis Police Department announced a new policy last month that will require officers to use preferred gender pronouns when interacting with individuals who identify as transgender or gender nonconforming....

Suspended Gophers football players will not face charges

Published October 4, 2016

Four University of Minnesota football players will not face charges following a police investigation surrounding alleged connections to a sexual assault, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office announced...

State Capitol could increase its slice of renewable energy

Published September 29, 2016

While the state continues to push for carbon emission reductions, the Minnesota State Capitol aims to rely more heavily on sustainable energy sources.Announced last week by Lt. Gov. Tina Smith, a new initiative...

U study finds biomass plastic bottles are not as ‘green’ as thought

Published September 27, 2016

As focus on global climate change increases, researchers have honed in on decreasing the amount of fossil fuels used in plastic.A University of Minnesota study into the environmental impacts of the lifecycle...

Rep. Keith Ellison introduces gun policy transparency act

Published September 20, 2016

College and universities nationwide could be required to disclose their gun policies, among other related information, if new legislation is passed. Earlier this month, Rep. Keith Ellison D-Minn. introduced...

DWI arrest rates decline in state and at the University of Minnesota

DWI arrest rates decline in state and at the University of Minnesota

Published September 15, 2016

Minnesotans, it seems, are making wiser choices when it comes to driving under the influence.According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, DWI arrests have declined by 40 percent since 2006....

A University of Cincinnati study found the positive effects of gun buybacks are hard to trace.

Efficiency of gun buybacks questioned by critics

Published September 13, 2016

Over 14 years ago, Minnesota hosted its first gun buyback program.Since then, there have been six buybacks with the most recent occurring in August.The programs have seen large turnouts with owners bringing...

Police liability insurance measure won’t be on ballot in November

Published September 5, 2016

A push by police watchdog groups was defeated after the Minnesota Supreme Court stopped a police liability insurance measure from being placed on the ballot last week.The Wednesday ruling upheld a lower...

US DOT to create national transit map

Published May 5, 2016

Citywide transit maps are nothing new, but researchers at the U.S. Department of Transportation are working to map transportation coasttocoast, complete with bus routes, stops and schedules.   Information...

U researchers design scheduling algorithm

Published May 3, 2016

University of Minnesota researchers are working to create an algorithm to solve scheduling issues for public transit.      A study found that dispatchers manually assign driving jobs to...

Child care grant program could expand to more

Published April 25, 2016

Graduate and professional student-parents in Minnesota could soon get additional help paying for child care.      Under proposed state legislation, a grant program designed to help...

Nice Ride Minnesota bikes sit at the 23rd Avenue SE and 6th Street SE station on Monday afternoon. The bike-sharing service is one of the many sharing services available that could replace the need to own vehicles in big cities.

Automated cars could be the new norm

Published April 21, 2016

With advancing technology and widely available car-sharing services, getting around without your own car is becoming a reality for big-city dwellers.     The need for personal vehicles...

Student slips past robbery on U campus

Published April 19, 2016

A University of Minnesota student escaped an attempted robbery on campus Sunday night.     Mathematics sophomore Lucy Yang was walking along Church Street SE when the suspect —...

The Hati drone, used to engineer lighter, more efficient aircraft as part of a NASA research program, sits in Ackerman Hall on Monday. The Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle (UAV) labs on campus carry drones that perform a wide variety of tasks.

Transport groups using more drones

Published April 12, 2016

As drone use becomes more widespread, state transportation departments — including Minnesota’s — are using the unmanned aerial vehicles for bridge inspections.     Last month,...

A bus stop built for the upcoming rapid transit A Line bus sits fenced off on Snelling Avenue on Tuesday. The new line opens June 11.

A Line bus route to open in June

Published April 7, 2016

Riders of public transit will soon reach certain destinations faster with a new bus route, the region’s first arterial bus route.     In June, the Metro Transit A Line will open, a new...

Metro Transit Police will undergo bias training

Published April 6, 2016

After a 2015 analysis found that some minorities were being disproportionately ticketed, the Metro Transit Police Department has decided to train officers to ensure that they’re using fair tactics.     The...

Fine Line Music Cafe evacuated after threat

Published March 29, 2016

A bomb threat prompted hundreds of people to evacuate the Fine Line Music Cafe on Sunday.     First Avenue cancelled Swedish rapper Yung Lean’s concert at the Fine Line after a Reddit...

Twin Cities sees increase in population

Published March 29, 2016

For the first time, the Twin Cities have reached more than 3 million residents, according to new census data.     According to data released last Thursday, the seven-county region has seen an...

A Car2Go Smart car sits parked in downtown Minneapolis on 9th St. S on Monday afternoon.

Twin Cities car2go shrinks service area

Published March 23, 2016

The car-sharing service car2go has scaled back its presence in the Twin Cities to concentrate its cars in more high-demand areas.      The company downsized its 107 square mile service...

Minnesota power company plan draws concern from citizens

Published March 22, 2016

A plan proposed by Duluth-based company Minnesota Power, which aims to cut usage of coal-based energy by 42 percent by 2020, is drawing concern from some who say the plan doesn’t put enough focus...

A student touches their U-pass to a Go-To card reader on the front of  the 3 bus on its way to the University campus Tuesday. Since 2015, student pass ridership has increased by 12.5 percent to about 4 million total rides.

Bus passes up GPAs, reduce pollution

Published March 9, 2016

A program offering Minneapolis Public School students Go-To passes has improved students’ academic and social well-being, according to a recent University of Minnesota study.     In 2013,...

A guide to Tuesday’s Minnesota Caucus

Published February 29, 2016

Tuesday marks the first “Super Tuesday” for Minnesota.     As part of the next step in the process to select eventual presidential nominees, Minnesota will join 12 other...

Divest push gets faculty response

Published February 29, 2016

A group of University of Minnesota faculty members are urging President Eric Kaler to oppose a petition to divest school funds from companies that interact with Israel.     Students for Justice...

U Regents face transit ‘crossroads’

Published February 25, 2016

Bumper-to-bumper traffic on game days and congestion from the hospital are some of the problems drivers can face on the University of Minnesota campus.     This month, the Board of Regents opened...

Admins talk out-of-state tuition hike

Published February 18, 2016

Pending approval from the Board of Regents, tuition and fees for nonresident undergraduates at the University of Minnesota could reach roughly $35,000 by 2020.     Although University President...

Campus crew clears snow in only hours

Published February 11, 2016

Despite nearly 9 inches  of fresh snowfall overnight, University of Minnesota students, faculty and staff were still able to maneuver campus easily last Wednesday.     That’s because...

U professor named Las Vegas Review-Journal editor-in-chief

Published February 9, 2016

University of Minnesota Journalism instructor J. Keith Moyer will start Thursday as editor-in-chief and senior vice president of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.     The newspaper drew...

Ridership continues unabated

Published February 2, 2016

Despite a decrease in bus ridership, more people than ever are using Metro Transit as a means to commute between work, school and home, according to a Metro Transit press release.     With a...

State invests $32M in highway projects

Published February 1, 2016

To help repair some of Minnesota’s crumbling roadways and bridges, several state transportation departments doled out $32 million in grants last month for highway projects.     The 11 projects...

Employee of tenKsolar, Dwayne Blakely, moves solar panels onto a module light table for testing. Innovative Power Systems is working to put solar panels on the green line corridor in hopes of making solar energy more readily available.

Rays of light to power transit

Published January 26, 2016

The light rail that rumbles daily along the 11 miles of earthbound tracks connecting Minneapolis and St. Paul could soon be powered from above.     As part of a $2.7 million project to create...

MN traffic deaths reach high numbers

Published January 21, 2016

Though the last year’s warm fall months encouraged more Minnesotans to go outside, the increase of bikers, pedestrians and motorcyclists led to a sharp increase in crashes.     Earlier...

University Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Gladwin Das poses for a portrait in the Cath Lab at the University of Minnesota Medical Center on Monday. Das is giving some patients struggling with heart issues a new device called the Parachute, a possible alternative to electronic implants or heart transplants.

New Parachute heart implant device could improve American lives

Published December 16, 2015

Sally McNamee went to the hospital in 2007 under the assumption she had a bad case of pneumonia.   She left the emergency room with a congestive heart failure diagnosis, a condition she now treats...

Uptick in reported assaults

Published December 15, 2015

Better awareness among students at the University of Minnesota of what constitutes as sexual assault might have prompted a nearly 9 percent increase in sexual assault reports in the last two years.    This...

Student Nicole Lyren gets a flu shot at a walk-in clinic at Boynton Health Service on Tuesday.

Flu shot numbers up, misconceptions remain

Published December 9, 2015

Flu season is ramping up just in time for the holidays, but this year more people are protecting themselves against the bug.   Sixty-two percent of Americans surveyed have received a flu vaccine...

Med. cannabis rule broadens

Published December 7, 2015

Starting next summer, Minnesota patients suffering from intractable pain will be able to obtain medical cannabis with certification from a health care provider.     Based on the strong support...

Ariel Linnerson instructs an advanced yoga class at the Recreation and Wellness Center on Tuesday. In Spring of 2016, the University of Minnesota will be offering courses that give students the chance to become certified yoga instructors.

Program will license yogis

Published December 2, 2015

Wearing yoga pants to class may soon become a requirement for some University of Minnesota students.   A Center for Spirituality and Healing program to teach students the practice of yoga will begin...

$1M to boost American Indian nutrition research

Published November 30, 2015

Although they suffer more than other cultural groups from diet-related chronic diseases, there lacks widely available nutritional information specific to American Indian communities. A $1 million donation...

Gladdie the bald eagle sits on display in a habitat at the Raptor Center on the St. Paul campus on Monday. Gladdie is permanently injured and stays at the Raptor Center for educational purposes. The Raptor Center treats injured eagles like Gladdie, many of which were harmed during deer hunting season.

Center sees upsurge in sick eagles

Published November 24, 2015

As the whitetail deer hunting season winds down in Minnesota, more sick eagles than ever are turning up throughout the state. While lead ammunition from hunters can be blamed on part of the increase, experts...

Gladdie the bald eagle sits on display in a habitat at the Raptor Center on the St. Paul campus on Monday. Gladdie is permanently injured and stays at the Raptor Center for educational purposes. The Raptor Center treats injured eagles like Gladdie, many of which were harmed during deer hunting season.

More injured eagles than ever fill the Raptor Center

Published November 24, 2015

More sick eagles than ever are turning up throughout the state, but experts say they are unsure of the cause of the increase.   For unknown reasons, Julia Ponder, executive director of the University...

Stadium attempts to keep fans safer

Published November 23, 2015

In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, the University of Minnesota announced Wednesday new security measures for events at TCF Bank Stadium.   Under the new policy, only clear bags of a certain...

Seasonal Affective Disorder diagnoses on the rise

Published November 19, 2015

The onset of winter brings colder weather, shorter days and — for many people — the blues.   The number of seasonal affective disorder diagnoses rose this year in University of Minnesota...

Beef processed in the University of Minnesota Meat Science Laboratory is sold at the Meat Salesroom in the Andrew Boss Laboratory-Meat Science building on Wednesday afternoon.

Red and processed meats carcinogenic

Published November 12, 2015

Another report detailing the harmful effects of consuming red and processed meat was released late last month, but experts say Americans — who eat more than 110 pounds of red meat annually —...

Minn. clinics lag in youth mental health screenings

Published November 10, 2015

Minnesota medical practitioners often miss the chance to catch mental illnesses during checkups with the teenagers they treat.   About 20 percent of University students have been diagnosed with depression...

Demonstration cannabis derived medication on display in the Minnesota Medical Solutions building on Monday morning. Medications are labeled with different colors that denote varying concentrations of cannabinoids used to treat certain medical conditions.

Cannabis use could broaden

Published November 4, 2015

Though medical marijuana made its debut in Minnesota this summer, patients hoping to use the drug to relieve ongoing pain aren’t yet qualified for use.   But that could change by the end of...

Breast screening age pushed

Published November 2, 2015

When it comes to health, the adage goes better safe than sorry. But for 40-year-old women getting breast cancer screenings, that may no longer be the case.   The American Cancer Society commissioned...

Health care has not met goals

Published October 26, 2015

When most Minnesotans visit the hospital, they pay for the services they receive.   But if hospitals and clinics partner with accountable care organizations, patients could pay for the quality of...

MPD to document and publish stop-and-frisk data

Published October 22, 2015

In an effort to increase transparency between police and city residents, the Minneapolis Police Department will adopt a new policy requiring documentation and publication of stop-and-frisk data.   The...

Courses focus on student teaching methods

Published October 21, 2015

An online University of Minnesota public health program was recognized last week for helping students improve their well-being.   The School of Public Health’s Rothenberger Institute, which...

Study says less nicotine may scale down smokers

Published October 14, 2015

Using low-nicotine cigarettes could help smokers quit their habit.   A study published earlier this month, in part conducted by University of Minnesota researchers, reported that people smoked 23...

Masonic Cancer Center opens new summer research program

Published October 7, 2015

A new summer research program at the Masonic Cancer Center will open applications to undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota in November in an effort to train college students for graduate...

Sunlight treatment may help newborn jaundice

Published October 5, 2015

Nearly 500,000 babies worldwide are diagnosed with neonatal jaundice annually, and of the survivors, about 13 percent suffer from developmental disabilities as  a result.   In an effort to combat...

LGB adults expect to need care as they age

Published September 30, 2015

Most American adults will need some form of long-term care later in life, either in an assisted living center or from family members — but only 39 percent of heterosexual adults think they will need...