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U cracks down on finals week cheating after 1999 scandal

Published May 9, 2002

The last month of the semester generally means studying for finals, finishing projects and writing last-minute papers. Faced with the heavy workload during finals week, some students turn to online paper...

Health officials remind U students to be wary of STDs

Published May 1, 2002

During their summer orientations, University freshmen learn one in five of them will contract a sexually transmitted disease before they graduate. Though some health officials say that statistic is blown...

Task force proposes new campus smoking limits

Published April 23, 2002

Depending on whom you ask, the walk across the Washington Avenue Bridge takes either five minutes or one cigarette. But a new proposal by a Boynton Health Service committee might change the winter walkway...

Student course evaluations rarely reach other students

Published April 17, 2002

No. 2 pencils and light blue Scantron evaluation forms have become part of the end-of-semester ritual for University students. Besides providing instructor feedback, the forms are intended to inform students...

U gives priority to 13-credit class loads

Published April 9, 2002

It might be time for studio arts junior Matt Bakken to change his routine. "I've only taken 12 credits every semester up until this one because I work so much," he said. Because the University is implementing...

Student services offices combine

Published March 29, 2002

Josh LaBau was surprised this week when he walked into 210 Fraser Hall to pick up a promissory note. He found an express lane. "I couldn't believe it," he said. "Student Services got a face lift." On March...

Manson pulled, but not forgotten

Published June 18, 2001

As Disturbed left the main stage at Ozzfest, frontman Dave Draiman told the audience, "Even though your place is too tight-assed to let Marilyn Manson play, we will express individuality! Question authority!" It...

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