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Robot building — a final students actually enjoy

Published December 13, 2011

Nearly 230 students from the College of Science and Engineering showed off self-constructed robots they had designed for their Introduction to Engineering class Monday. Students designed robots that could...

Course offers undergrads a lesson in stem cells

Published December 8, 2011

Beginning next semester, the University of Minnesota will offer its first undergraduate course on stem cells. Until now, the University has only taught classes that focus exclusively on stem cells to graduate...

Luke enjoys playing with a tennis ball while his owner,Track Huston, sits beside him Saturday at home in Crystal, Minn. Luke, a 6-year-old English Springer Spaniel, was the first participant in a trial for dogs with lymphoma at the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

New studies help extend the lives of dogs with cancer

Published December 5, 2011

When Luke, the Huston familyâÄôs 6-year-old English Springer Spaniel, was diagnosed with lymphoma, their vet recommended a new trial at the University of MinnesotaâÄôs College of Veterinary...

CFANS looks to change curriculum for 2013

Published November 29, 2011

To meet local employersâÄô demand for more experienced students, the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences is rolling out a slew of changes. The change in direction for the...

The Maze Garden is one of the newest gardens at the Arboretum. It contains 1600 shrub specimens, contains 11 genera and 14 species and cultivars and is nestled into the pine collection across from the lindens.

Faculty plan to better use arboretum

Published November 22, 2011

Mary Meyer, a professor and horticulturist at the University of Minnesota, has spent the past year on sabbatical, visiting arboretums and botanical gardens around the country. This fall she returned with...

Dr. Karen LaBat, head researcher and breast cancer survivor, demonstrates the 3-D body scanner Monday at the Human Dimensioning Lab in McNeal Hall. Labats research is working to address the particular needs of breast cancer survivors.

3-D body scans could ease pain for cancer survivors

Published November 16, 2011

A 17-year breast cancer survivor and professor in the University of Minnesota College of Design is striving to find ways to make the lives of fellow survivorsâÄô less painful by using 3-D imaging...

Students shy away from St. Paul housing

Published November 10, 2011

Although several of the University of MinnesotaâÄôs colleges are located on the St. Paul campus, more students live in Minneapolis than in St. Paul. Experts say the area could accommodate more...

Students write and respond in a pre-digital chat room format in the New Telecommunication Media class Thursday in Ford Hall. The Communication Studies class challenges students to discuss, debate and vote using unconventional communication methods.

Students rule the classroom

Published November 8, 2011

Students enrolled in Professor Gilbert RodmanâÄôs communication studies class are shocked to find they will have to bring a yoga mat or recite the âÄúPolka PledgeâÄù each class...

62 and older study their interests for $10 per credit

Published November 3, 2011

After 41 years of teaching, 65-year-old Charley Underwood returned to the classroom as a student. Underwood is a non-degree-seeking senior citizen student at the University of Minnesota. HeâÄôs...

Breast cancer controversy

Published October 27, 2011

As National Brest Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close, some responses have brought up controversy.  The idea of producing many products in pink is supposed to draw awareness and encourage people...

Student bikers are halfway to Lima

Published October 27, 2011

Biking from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Lima, Peru has exposed University of Minnesota students to severe climate conditions, extreme elevations and most importantly, agriculture. Four students and their...

University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler spoke at the flipping of the switch ceremony Tuesday for the universitys new 263-foot tall wind turbine at the Wind Energy Research Station at UMore Park in Rosemount, Minnesota.

Clean energy blows into UMore

Published October 26, 2011

University researcher Fotis Sotiropoulos made one last phone call Tuesday afternoon, and the person on the other end flipped the switch on a wind turbine at the Eolos Wind Research Station. The 426-foot...

Eat Local Challenge rewards students for buying local

Published October 17, 2011

The University of Minnesota, in an effort to promote the local goods offered in their stores, designed the Eat Local Challenge beginning Oct. 17.  Ariel Solon, student manager for the challenge, said...

Popularity grows in studying ancestry

Published October 17, 2011

The concept of seeking out ancestry is gaining tremendous popularity, Tom Rice, professional genealogist, said.  Rice is instructing a class through the College of Continuing Education called, Principles...

Active learning classes garner attention

Published October 13, 2011

From Illinois to New Zealand, visitors are traveling to campus this week to see how the University of Minnesota uses interactive technology in its classrooms to achieve higher test scores. Active learning...

Horticultural Science research assistant Josh Freill talks about the salt tolerance of turf grass at the green house Saturday in St. Paul. University of Minnesota is working with MnDOT to find the most efficient turf mix.

U works to develop salt-resistant grass for winter

Published October 11, 2011

MinnesotaâÄôs climate hits all extremes, leaving little more than brown grass on the roadsides come spring. But researchers at the University of Minnesota are working to discover which grass best...

Survey highlights diversity, needs of CFANS students

Published October 4, 2011

Five years after the initiation of a diversity plan on the St. Paul campus to meet the growing needs of its population, the campus is still searching for ways to improve life and services for students...

The Minneapolis campus is undergoing serious renovation while the St. Paul campus remains untouched.

St. Paul campus quiet as workers toil on East Bank

Published October 4, 2011

University of Minnesota East Bank construction projects are hard to miss. But just about four miles away, the St. Paul campus has been void of major developments. The Board of Regents has already begun...

Ag-ed club students weigh in on nat’l issues

Published September 28, 2011

For the first time last Thursday, the University of MinnesotaâÄôs Agricultural Education Club brought Minnesota students into a national discussion about health, agriculture and food prices. The...

Bus hits bicyclist at busy intersection

Published September 22, 2011

A Metro Transit route 16 bus hit a cyclist at one of the busiest intersections on campus Wednesday afternoon. The bus hit Carlyn Shanley, a 20-year-old Univesrity of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts student. ...

Spanish major Senior Austin Rondou reaches into a stomach of a fistulated cow and extracts a rumen fluid sample Tuesday at the Cow Barn in St. Paul. Students get to study ciliates inside cow stomach.

U students get a feel for research cows’ breakfast

Published September 15, 2011

Students at the University of Minnesota studying animal science and zoology got their hands dirty âÄî from reaching inside research cows during class on Tuesday. Jordan Jirik, teaching assistant...

From Buenos Aires to Lima: The U tests out adventure learning

Published September 13, 2011

Freshman Evelyn Reilly is jumping into her first semester at the University of Minnesota in a unique way: She will bike from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Lima, Peru, crossing the Andes Mountains twice and...

U strives to find freshmen’s strengths

Published September 6, 2011

President Eric KalerâÄôs strengths are competition and individualization. He is analytical, an achiever and a learner. ThatâÄôs according to the Clifton StrengthsFinder, an online assessment...