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Freedom of speech and Jihad Jane

March 21, 2010

The arrest of Colleen LaRose, aka Jihad Jane, of Pennsylvania has once again brought to the forefront the tension between freedom of speech and religious radicalism. For those not in the know, LaRose was...

Response to ‘Technology commercialization’

February 17, 2010

The University of Minnesota set a great example by supporting professor Robert Vince, inventor of the drug Ziagen, during his fight with pharmaceutical giants for ownership rights to his research. The...

Saints and the sympathy card

February 8, 2010

The Super Bowl is perhaps the most watched event on television in the country. However, I was appalled to see people on television in the shows leading up to the game saying that despite Indianapolis being...

Don’t let Farve slip away now

January 31, 2010

As a longtime fan of the New Orleans Saints who was supporting both the Saints and Vikings this season, I find it astonishing that so little coverage has been given to the heartbreaking VikingsâÄô...