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Renters see tight housing market’s consequences

Published August 26, 2002

A tight housing market and renters' rights ignorance could force some students to live in run-down apartments with inflated rent. "At the University area, it's Gouge City," said Charlie Warner of HOME...

Totally cubular

Published March 6, 2002

I had a chance to sit down with Ice Cube and Mike Epps in Chicago and speak to them about their latest movie, All About the Benjamins. Benjamins, a "buddy" pic follows an unlikely pairing of a bail-bondsman...

Thief of Baghdad

Published February 27, 2002

What if your job was to constantly travel to Baghdad and look for weapons? Sounds great, huh? What's not to like about the warm Arabian sun, thousands of "hospitable" Iraqi military brass and a slip of...

Four Lens film critics pick their screen favorites – Sean McGrath

Published January 30, 2002

1. Amelie. I admit I was completely routed by this movie. Amelie kicked my heart up and down a flight of stairs and still embedded into me a boundless romanticism. It was the movie whose plot and characters...

The world wide Wes

Published December 14, 2001

Genius expires. Sad news for Wes Anderson fans because certainly the man falls under such a title. His new film The Royal Tenenbaums explores such an idea and its affectations on a New York family. The...

Dylan Hicks: risking his neck for his brother man.

Published December 4, 2001

-"That boy's got a lot of mouth of him." -"Yeah, and he's man enough to back it up."   This utterly world-toppling dialogue taken from the 1971 "romantic" detective flick, Shaft, seems to correspond...

pretty pictures

Published October 16, 2001

It takes so few words to encapsulate so much. Trying to sum up his band in just two sentences, Death Cab for Cutie's bassist Nick Harmer says, "We're a pretty humble band. We don't do coke outta hookers'...

Morality to mortality

Published October 12, 2001

Our Lady of the Assassins Directed by Barbet Schroeder (German Jaramillo, Anderson Ballesteros, Juan David Restrepo, Manuel Busquets) Rated: R That's it: I've finally scratched "Mendellin, Colombia" off...

One for the road

Published October 5, 2001

Elwood Blues: "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses." Jake Blues: "Hit it." -Blues Brothers   For most, the collegiate...

Motor run!

Published October 5, 2001

Joy Ride Directed by John Dahl (Paul Walker, Steve Zahn, Leelee Sobieski, Jessica Bowman) Rated: R   Serenity is often found on the open road. A couple Hostess fruit pies and a full tank of gas is...

Robot with a soul

Published October 2, 2001

Rebuking the stereotypical rock 'n' roll lifestyle, local band 12 Rods know their roles Description is tremendously difficult. Pegging down the sound of 12 Rods is about as hard to do as doing the Zangief...

Practicing safe cinema

Published September 21, 2001

Man, I just saw some scary Heebie Da Jeebies. Cinema VD (that's venereal disease to you freshmen), screening Sept. 25 at UnderCinema's weekly showcase, is a collection of several Health Department film...

Where did Godot go? Only we know

Published August 1, 2001

The merciless barrage of shows that the MN Fringe Festival flings at you can be quite overwhelming. What's even more frightening is that there really is no authoritative guide to steer you through the...

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