Dr. Date: I’ve been using group photos for dating profiles — and I think I’m accidentally catfishing

Do I have to start identifying which one I am in my opening message?


Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date,

I’ve never been the most camera-friendly. Every time someone attempts to take a picture of me, I clam up and make an awkward face. So when I tried to make a Tinder profile, I quickly realized that I had no photos of just me. I decided to make a cute group photo of me and my friends my profile picture, and the rest of my photos are pictures I’ve taken of flowers, skylines, etc. I thought there wouldn’t be an issue.

However, I’ve been talking to people I swiped right on and I’m pretty sure they think I’m someone else. One guy told me he liked my Mouse Rat shirt that my friend was wearing, and another complimented my friend’s eyes. I’ve got a date this Friday and I’m worried he’ll think he was catfished. What do I do?


Not That One

Dear Not That One,

Either your friends stand out more than you in that photo or they think you’re someone else. Neither is a good thing. Joke around with your matches (including the one you have a date with) and ask which person they think you are. If they say something like “The hottie in the Mouse Rat shirt, right?,” you might want to give up on them. But if they seem okay with any of the people, get their Snapchat and throw a cute face filter on to show that it’s you. Seriously, that heart halo filter will make anyone look good.

And in the future, crop your photos. A low-res picture is better than a date asking if your friend is also single. 


Dr. Date