Dr. Date: Someone sent my boyfriend a nude, but he says it was an “accident”

And he’s claiming it was his cousin?!


Dr. Date

 Dear Dr. Date,

My boyfriend and I have been having some relationship problems, including him flirting with other girls in front of me. I know it wasn’t the best idea, but I decided to go through his phone while he was in the shower yesterday to see if he was texting other girls. I opened his Snapchat just to check past texts, but I accidentally opened a Snap. I was panicking at first (now he’ll be able to tell I was on his phone!), until I saw what it was — a nude from a girl!

I confronted him about it as soon as he was done, and he asked “who sent it.” Suspicious enough (are there multiple girls?!) until I read the name off, and he said it was his COUSIN. He’s claiming it was an accident on her part, and she would be humiliated. But I checked her out on Facebook, and she seemingly has no relation to him. However, she does work at his same job, and he’s never mentioned a family member at work. 

Dr. Date, I don’t know what’s worse — is my boyfriend cheating on me, or is his cousin trying to make a move? Help!!


Cousin Lovin’

Dear Cousin Lovin’, 

Yeah, your boyfriend is cheating. I would entertain the cousin idea (even though oh my god that’s so gross) if you didn’t already check her out on social media. If you really need proof, maybe ask a family member of his if they know who this girl is, but assume the cheating thing. I don’t think going through his phone was the right thing to do, but it’s over and done now. And seriously — break up with him. Please don’t stay with a blatant cheater and liar, especially one who uses incest as an excuse?!


Dr. Date