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Enough with the Weiner

Published June 8, 2011

Who’s next? That question, unfortunately, is becoming the only sensible reaction to the seemingly endless procession of political sex scandals. In the last few years alone, we have Mark “Hiking the...

What I know for sure

Published May 25, 2011

For those of us who just graduated, it was exceptionally tough to, like, decide on the perfect graduation gift. Some get a fat check, some get breast implants. I thought a new MacBook Pro would help me...

U seeks to improve undergrad stats

Published December 13, 2010

With an eye on graduation rates, the University of Minnesota has set forth guideposts to help improve what itâÄôs calling the âÄúundergraduate experience.âÄù This includes everything...

U seeks to ‘enhance the undergraduate experience’

Published December 10, 2010

With an eye on graduation rates, the University of Minnesota has set forth guideposts to help improve what they call the âÄúundergraduate experience.âÄù This includes everything from new...

Sabbaticals under fire at public universities

Published December 9, 2010

Of the 3,340 full-time and 760 part-time faculty members in the University of Minnesota system, 104 went on sabbatical and 83 went on semester leave from 2009-10. But with looming budget problems crippling...

Minor cut ominous for liberal art tracks

Published December 7, 2010

The University of MinnesotaâÄôs humanities minor has become a major casualty of a school effort to make structural changes administrators insist are not part of any budgetary cuts. âÄúRight...

U begins to adapt to conflict of interest policy

Published November 30, 2010

After implementing the new conflict of interest policy in August at the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center, the policy committeeâÄôs challenge became finding a version that was appropriate...

Humanities assert their relevance despite cuts

Published November 29, 2010

The humanities are in a state of flux âÄî and not just at the University of Minnesota. As funding and grants continue to make their way to the sciences, faculty in the humanities, such as languages,...

Icy roads put hundreds in ditches

Icy roads put hundreds in ditches

Published November 22, 2010

With freezing rain came hundreds of crashes and spinouts on Minnesota roads early Sunday morning. The Minnesota State Patrol is reporting 438 crashes âÄî 376 in the metro area âÄî around...

Freezing rain and icy roads trigger hundreds of crashes

Published November 21, 2010

With freezing rain came hundreds of crashes and spinouts on Minnesota roads early Sunday morning. The Minnesota State Patrol is reporting 438 crashes âÄî 376 in the metro area âÄî as of...

Dominican factory worker to talk about working conditions of U contractor

Published November 17, 2010

Alta Gracia, a South Carolina-based company operating in the Dominican Republic, began producing University of Minnesota apparell after the University cut its contract with Russell Athletic last...

U E. coli research wins award at MIT

Published November 16, 2010

E. coli is a friend to no one, but five University of Minnesota undergraduates have the bacteria to thank after winning an award for research they did on its inner workings. Team Minnesota won the Best...

U fraternities lift drinking ban

Published November 16, 2010

The moratorium on alcohol at the University of Minnesota fraternities has been replaced. After six weeks, the University of Minnesota Interfraternity Council has decided to forgo the ban in favor of a...

City tows more than one thousand in season’s first snow emergency

Published November 16, 2010

Along with the first snowfall of the season came a total of 1,047 cars that were towed due to snow emergency violations Saturday and Sunday. More than 8 inches of snow was recorded at Minneapolis-St. Paul...

Mechanical engineering major Fabio Mariuci waits in line to retrieve his car Monday night at the Minneapolis Impound Lot.

First battered by snow, now towed

Published November 16, 2010

Along with the first snowfall of the season came a total of 1,047 cars that were towed due to snow emergency violations Saturday and Sunday, as of 1:30 Monday. More than 8 inches of snowfall was recorded...

Library assistant Tim Engelstad works the evening shift at Walter Library Tuesday night.  The 2010 English graduate recently started working full time for the campus library.

Libraries evolve as U balances books

Published November 16, 2010

Tim Engelstad is a 2009 University of Minnesota alumnus who started working at Walter Library his sophomore year. After graduating, he received a full-time position working as a library assistant during...

Private donations to the University dip in FY 2010

Published November 15, 2010

Christmas came early, if a bit disappointingly, as the Board of Regents analyzed private gifts Friday. The University of Minnesota Foundation received almost $186 million during the 2010 fiscal year, which...

Faculty weigh in on CLA’s future

Published November 12, 2010

Faculty and staff from the College of Liberal Arts met with administrators Friday to share their thoughts on 60 recommendations released Monday that will shape the future of the college. Professor Chris...

Veteran Brandon Haugrud (right) studies with Yer Lor, a fellow Student Ambassador, Tuesday night at the Northrup Plaza.  Brandon joined the Student Ambassadors group as a means of meeting friends like Yer and to help transition back into student life after serving.

Student vets focus on adjustment

Published November 11, 2010

Leaving an Afghan combat zone in May and starting freshman year about three months later is not a traditional route to college, but itâÄôs the one Brandon Haugrud took to the University of Minnesota. Haugrud,...

Educators discuss Minn. education gap

Published November 4, 2010

Of the more than 44,000 high school juniors and seniors who took the ACT this year in Minnesota, the stateâÄôs minority studentsâÄô average score was 3.8 points lower than their white counterparts. These...

U to assist more high schoolers for college

Published November 3, 2010

After peaking at more than 64,000 students in 2009, the number of Minnesota high school graduates is projected to decline by 10 percent by 2015. While dropouts certainly contribute to this, a shift in...

Public law schools find way to buck state funding woes

Published November 2, 2010

When the University of MinnesotaâÄôs 2011 budget was approved, a $152 million gap in funding highlighted an increasing and ongoing decline in state support of higher education. While budget cuts...

City targets ‘silent killer’ with radon kits

Published October 28, 2010

The City of Minneapolis will give away more than 250 radon test kits tomorrow to raise awareness about a problem affecting one in three Minnesota homes. The Minnesota Department of Human Services will...

Astronaut will speak, award scholarships at U

Published October 28, 2010

Astronaut Daniel Brandenstein has spent more than 789 hours in space and flown four shuttle missions, including the maiden voyage of the Endeavor. His next mission brings him to the University of Minnesota,...

Astronaut to visit U, present two scholarships Thursday

Published October 27, 2010

Astronaut Daniel Brandenstein has spent more than 789 hours in space and flown four shuttle missions, including the maiden voyage of the Endeavor. His next mission brings him to the University of Minnesota...

After cuts, Law School eyes future

Published October 26, 2010

Like every other college at the University of Minnesota, the Law School is facing a litany of budget woes, including a daunting cut in state funding from 22 percent to 11 percent in two years. The results...

Professor Joel Weinsheimer stands in a courtyard outside Lind Hall on Tuesday.

U prof makes weekly trek from Georgia

Published October 21, 2010

There are about 1,200 miles between Minneapolis and Atlanta, and professor Joel Weinsheimer makes that commute every week. "I donâÄôt think much about it any more. ItâÄôs like asking somebody,...

Jack Sokol dressed as his own character creation Dr. Morganic Saturday morning for the Fall comic con. Sokol’s character is from a genre known as ‘Steam Punk’ which explores alternate histories in the real world with comic characters, an example would be The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Comic book convention hits Minn.

Published October 18, 2010

While Ethan Tarshish was telling a group of six about his comic book, a man dressed as Iron Man walked by and the groupâÄôs attention immediately wandered from what Tarshish had to say. "It happens,"...

Obama: Keep tuition tax credit

Published October 14, 2010

President Barack Obama wants Congress to make a $2,500 college tuition tax credit permanent in his 2011 budget. The White House estimates the price tag of The American Opportunity Tax Credit would be about...

Robert Stine, the associate dean for the College of Continuing Education, works in his office on the St. Paul campus Tuesday.

MnSCU receives $800k grant for grad rates

Published October 13, 2010

Often overlooked and underestimated, community colleges have emerged as the largest and fastest growing branch of American higher education. They also play an integral role in President Barack ObamaâÄôs...

John and Nancy Lindahl are interviewed for the Driven to Discover campaign on Friday afternoon outside of Northrop Mall. They are part of the donation series which will focus on their gift which established the Nancy M. and John E. Lindahl Professorship for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

U re-launches ad campaign amid talk of cuts

Published October 12, 2010

Amid contentious talks of possible budget cuts, furloughs and tuition increases, the University of Minnesota will put $1.3 million towards the âÄúDriven to DiscoverâÄù advertising campaign...

New CEHD center to focus on improving higher education

Published October 8, 2010

A University of Minnesota alumnus has personally put up $2.5 million to establish The Thomas P. Jandris Center for Innovative Higher Education âÄî intended to be a hub for study of higher education...

U proposal to cut excess credits raises concerns

Published October 7, 2010

"Super senior" status is common at the University of Minnesota, where less than half of all students graduate in four years. The University is looking to eliminate excess credits students take beyond the...

Students fly kites for Haiti

Published May 4, 2010

Resembling more of a summer camp than an architecture class, a group of students flew 229 kites Tuesday on the Mississippi riverbank behind Coffman Union for children in Haiti. Students in the 12 sections...

U professor adds to radon legislation

Published May 2, 2010

Odorless, colorless and tasteless, radon gas is a silent killer. Radon exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer for nonsmokers, killing about 1,000 people each year in Minnesota and 21,000 throughout...

Congresswoman Betty Mccollum releases a red tail hawk back into the wild at the Raptor Center’s Spring Raptor Release in Bloomington on Saturday.

Raptors released back into the wild

Published May 2, 2010

For more than 20 years, Pat Redig has watched in wonderment as thousands of rehabilitated raptors have been released back into the wild at the Spring Raptor Release. âÄúIt never, ever gets old,âÄù...

Documentary debuts in Coffman

Published April 27, 2010

When searching the Internet for information on the Ugandan city of Mulobere, there is not much to be found. No official website, no maps, not even a Wikipedia page. In fact, Google asks, âÄúDid...

Katie Couric speaks at alumni event

Published April 25, 2010

Sitting at the end of a table in a WCCO-TV conference room, Katie Couric took a deep breath before reflecting on her infamous interview with Sarah Palin. âÄúI wasnâÄôt really sure what...

University farm looks to cut deal with UDS

Published April 22, 2010

University Dining Services may soon be featuring more food grown in the University of MinnesotaâÄôs backyard. This spring harvest from Cornercopia Student Organic Farm. located on the St. Paul...

Resident Fellow at the Institute on the Environment Jason Hill sits in his office Monday in the VoTech Building.  Hill will use the grant to design new agricultural landscapes including prairie grass for ethanol.

IREE awards $3.7 million to University energy projects

Published April 20, 2010

After five years of researching biofuel sustainability, Institute on the Environment resident fellow Jason Hill hit a roadblock. Hill and other University of Minnesota researchers have had trouble determining...

Llamas interacting with students at Agriculture Awareness Day on Northrop Mall on April 20, 2010.

Ag Awarness puts focus on farming

Published April 20, 2010

As Mariah, a llama, defecated on Northrop Plaza, her owner Rick Carlson glanced into the pen. âÄúOh, their feces is completely odorless,âÄù he said. Carlson, owner of CarlsonâÄôs...

Student group continues push for coal-free campus

Published April 13, 2010

University of Minnesota group Campus Beyond Coal organized a theatrical rally Tuesday outside Morrill Hall in its quest to get University administration to publically announce a timeline for coal-free...

U receives $2.5 million for engineering programs

Published April 12, 2010

The University of Minnesota will receive a $2.5 million economic stimulus grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for revitalizing electrical power engineering education programs and retraining employees...

University program helps battle emerald ash borer

Published April 11, 2010

The emerald ash borer is a menace that is encroaching on the University of Minnesota campus, and a University Extension program is looking to help fix the problem. The program helps the Minnesota Department...

Gamers can help solve global issues

Published April 4, 2010

Environmental activists criticized President Barack Obama last week after he announced plans to begin offshore drilling. But according to one expert, life without oil is actually attainable; the president...

Animal science juniors Chris Dahlke, left, and Jason Ertl, right, cut up a pig Wednesday to be sold at a meat sale in the Andrew Boss Lab.

Meat lab benefits animal science

Published April 1, 2010

On one side of the hall, animal science junior Chris Dahlke slid the frozen raw meat of a recent science experiment through the blade of a jigsaw to ready it for packaging. On the other, Marty Linden stood...


Published February 21, 2010

Like most social networks, the concept of Chatroulette is simple: Turn on your web cam and connect with strangers from all over the world. If you donâÄôt like who youâÄôre talking to, you...