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Guest choreographer Kamiko Higashi demonstrates dance steps during a workshop for the hip-hop dance crew Hip Hope in Peik Gymnasium on Wednesday. The group is scheduled to preform in the homecoming parade on Friday.

Spreading love through street dance

Published September 24, 2015

Joelle Fernandez, a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, came to the school and asked herself, “What am I great at?”    Fernandez loved to dance and ultimately created...

Hip-hop for the kids

Published September 24, 2015

Spoken word and hip-hop artists will spit rhymes and beats this Saturday at one of the monthly benefit shows for Save the Kids. STK is a national grassroots organization whose mission is to spread...

Images from the Bridges to Morocco exhibit on display at the Larson Art Gallery in the St. Paul Student Center on Wednesday morning.

U’s first Moroccan art gallery opens

Published September 17, 2015

Moroccan photography will be showcased in a first-of-its-kind exhibit at the University of Minnesota with “Bridges to Morocco” in the St. Paul Student Center opening Thursday.   The...

The Ananya Dance Theatre rehearses at the OShaughnessy Auditorium in St. Catherine University on Wednesday evening.

Feeding the soul through dance

Published September 17, 2015

Ananya Dance Theatre is working on a world premiere called “Roktim: Nurture Incarnadine,” which will explore the work women around the world do in their communities regarding food and agriculture.  “Seeds...

Barista Stephen Engler pours a fresh cup of Blackeye Roasting Companys nitro cold brew at Quixotic Coffee on Tuesday. Quixotic is one of the few stores that offers the cold brew on tap.

Nitro coffee is the new trend

Published September 10, 2015

Nitro coffee offers a different sensation to the caffeinated community — with a crisp, cool and slightly carbonated taste, it’s similar to a glass of beer. As coffee lovers embrace it, more...

Ethical blunders question media integrity

Published May 5, 2015

Brian Williams used to be one of the most respected, well-known journalists and news anchors in the country.    He’s definitely still well-known, but his respect from the public has crumbled....

Baltimore violence is uncalled for, but anger is understandable

Published May 4, 2015

America has been forced to think about the issues of race and justice in the face of recent killings of African-American men by white police officers. People can’t ignore that there is a problem...

Supportive communities helpful

Published April 21, 2015

Minnesota Miss Amazing Pageant, created by a University of Minnesota student in 2013, will host a show on Saturday. At least 30 girls of various ages and with various disabilities will get the chance...

Building ties to understanding

Published April 15, 2015

Many people are asking “When will it stop?”    Walter Scott, an unarmed black man, was shot and killed by a white police officer last week. This is another in a series of incidents...

NFL finally hires female official

Published April 8, 2015

Sarah Thomas recently became the first permanent female official for the NFLâÄôs regular-season games. She was a collegiate official for Conference USA, but sheâÄôll now join seven other...

Social media policies needed for collegiate athletes

Published March 30, 2015

The typical college athlete is different from the typical college student. Although all students need to be conscious of their professional reputations once they get into a school, college athletes can...

The key to college is time management

Published March 23, 2015

In Grand Rapids, Minn., Our Community’s Children is a public and private partnership involving the city, its public schools and community members. The group recently introduced a new initiative called...

Discrimination still overlooked

Published March 10, 2015

President Barack Obama marched along with 40,000 other people in Selma, Ala., on Saturday in honor of the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” a series of attacks by police officers on peaceful...

Facebook suicide prevention helpful

Published March 3, 2015

The social network Facebook is adding resources to help people struggling with thoughts of self-harm and suicide. Last week, the tech giant announced that in the next few months, people will be able to...

Black History Month not enough

Published February 24, 2015

The Black Student Union at the University of Minnesota is a student group that serves as a “social, intellectual and cultural community for students.” On Sunday, the group concluded its series...

The dangers of misusing social media

Published February 18, 2015

After tweeting some crude racial jokes while she traveled abroad in 2013, Justine Sacco, senior director of cooperate communications at IAC, lost her job and the respect of the public and her family. Because...

Keep marketing body positivity for women

Published February 12, 2015

During the Super Bowl, as always, a company selling some feminine product runs a commercial that doesn’t actually advertise any of its products. Instead, it sells confidence to young girls. One such...

Technology doesn’t always help

Published February 2, 2015

President Barack Obama said during this year’s State of the Union address that he wants to keep the Internet free and make it available for everyone. Duke University conducted a study in the early...

Personality tests find a new use

Published January 27, 2015

From Welcome Week to now, personality tests have been a part of some of my class activities. Although a lot of the online-generated quiz results can be pretty vague and easily applied to most people, personality...

Ending poverty requires more than money

Published January 21, 2015

Some people have a misconception that those who live in poverty can escape their economic status and build better lives simply by using donated money. However, this is not necessarily the case. Yes, donated...

Police need de-escalation training

Published December 8, 2014

Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice: All three of these black individuals were killed by a police officer this year in ways that I and many other Americans find unjust. Brown was shot multiple times...

Your name does not describe you

Published December 2, 2014

Applying to jobs and seeking a career can be a long and draining process. The pressure of landing a well-paying job right after graduation is enough to stress any college student to the breaking point. Thus,...

Saira Blair becomes role model

Published November 18, 2014

Saira Blair became the youngest candidate elected to state office in the nation on Nov. 4 at age 18. She won a seat in West Virginia’s House of Delegates and will represent a small part of the state....

The social media solution to fundraising

Published November 11, 2014

This year, the ALS Association raised more than $115 million for research projects dedicated to curing ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Last year, the organization was only able to raise...

Marvel to introduce more diverse heroes

Published November 4, 2014

Last Wednesday, Marvel announced its new series of upcoming films. Marvel’s “Phase 3” includes 10 new films that will be released over the next five years. Among these films are “Black...

More shootings lead to questions

Published October 27, 2014

Last week in Ottawa, Canada, a gunman — who allegedly is a recent Muslim convert with a history of criminal activity — shot and killed a soldier at the National War Memorial. Soon after, he...

Prominent feminist threatened

Published October 20, 2014

Anita Sarkeesian is a feminist cultural critic who has recently challenged the stereotypical portrayals of women in video games. She was supposed to give a speech at Utah State University last Tuesday....

Creative writing is good for you

Published October 14, 2014

Bestselling author George Saunders held the spotlight at Northrop Auditorium last Tuesday to read an excerpt from his new book, “Tenth of December.” The work is an anthology of several short...

Feast of Nations unites the University

Published October 7, 2014

Music rang from amplified speakers on a stage on Coffman Union’s front plaza as the Feast of Nations celebrated traditional cultural dances, songs and food throughout Saturday afternoon and into...

Time to end gender stereotypes

Published September 29, 2014

Ever since I can remember, media have taught me that girls are supposed to be softhearted and gentle, whereas boys are supposed to be tough and fearless. Even in the Disney movies I watched so many times...

Why diversity at universities still matters

Published September 23, 2014

The University of Minnesota’s new strategic plan is in one of its final stages before it is enacted. The plan details the policies the University will enact, which include more financial support...

Getting fit with new technology

Published September 18, 2014

As a college student, it’s easy to get caught up in stress from classes, exams and homework. It’s also easy to develop unhealthy eating, fitness and sleeping habits as a result of this stress. However,...

Increased security is excessive

Published September 9, 2014

The University of Minnesota invested $4 million this year to increase security around campus, with new safety measures including more police officers and additional cameras around the area.   Remembering...

Learning from Ferguson: what we can change for the future

Published September 2, 2014

On Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Mo., an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown was shot to death by Darren Wilson, a white police officer. There are many details to this story — including allegations...

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